The ErlKing

This animated short is a visual representation of Goethe's poem, The ErlKing that uses sand-on-glass animation set to the music of Franz Schubert. The moving images, resembling woodcuts, capture the haunting, nightmarish quality of the tale of the ErlKing who steals and kills a little boy.

Film Credits

Ben Zelkowicz
Ben Zelkowicz
sand animation
Ben Zelkowicz
Franz Schubert
Jerry Summers

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  • “As terrifying as it is stunningly done. Schubert and Goethe would be proud of your work!” — SeadogDriftwood, 24 Dec 2010

  • Ryland101

    “That is amazing in every way... and depressing.” — Ryland101, 30 Oct 2010

  • DarkWindowFilm

    “Stunning Wonderfuly Crafted ” — DarkWindowFilm, 26 Feb 2010

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