Bone Mother

Bone Mother

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A vain and arrogant youth dares to enter Baba Yaga’s living house of bones. What emerges will forever fill our nights with terror.

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  • director
    Sylvie Trouvé
    Dale Hayward
  • producer
    Jelena Popovic
  • animation
    Dale Hayward
  • executive producer
    Michael Fukushima
  • animation
    Sylvie Trouvé
  • script
    Sylvie Trouvé
    Dale Hayward
    Lanan Adcock
  • cast
    Renée-Madeleine Le Guerrier
    Rafael Petardi
  • art design
    Dale Hayward
  • character design
    Dale Hayward
  • cinematography
    Sylvie Trouvé
  • editing
    Sylvie Trouvé
    Dale Hayward
  • technical director
    Éloi Champagne
  • sound design
    Sacha Ratcliffe
  • music
    Rebecca Foon
  • music recording
    David Smith
    George Mitchell
  • sound mix
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • foley
    Karla Baumgardner

  • ayrulian

    I found this short film absolutely beautiful!

    ayrulian, 26 Nov 2018