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Celebrating Chiac - Part II

Celebrating Chiac - Part II

| 1 h 17 min
Celebrating Chiac - Part II
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A documentary about Francophone Acadians in southeastern New Brunswick, and their relationship to language. 40 years after Michel Brault’s Éloge du chiac, Marie Cadieux travels to Moncton, Shediac, Bouctouche and even France, meeting people committed to safeguarding and valuing the specific character of Chiac. Featuring animated clips from Acadieman, this film elicits laughter and some teeth-gnashing, but is above all thought-provoking.

  • writer
    Marie Cadieux
  • researcher
    Marie Cadieux
  • director
    Marie Cadieux
  • producer
    Jean-Claude Bellefeuille
  • co-producer
    Murielle Rioux-Poirier
  • participant
    Rosanna Leblanc
    Dano Leblanc
    France Daigle
    Louise Leblanc
    Liliane (Melanson) Cormier
    Carole Bourgeois
    Marielle Michaud
    Charles Emmrys
    Pierre Cadieux
    Hélène Cadieux Johanny
    Lyne Cormier
    Meriam Emmrys
    Véronique Johanny
    Nicolas Johanny
    Frank Landry
    Annie Richard
    Gisèle Breau
    Mireille Haché
    Daniel Bourgeois
    Robert Saint-Coeur
    Olivier Souille
    Élodie Coutand
    Thibault Prudhomme
    Morgane Pacholczyk
    Ghadir Moussaoui
    Marie-Ève Perrot
    Danica Mazerolle
    Devin Knowles
    Emelie Scott
    Éric Maillet
    Frida Misago
    Gifty Logo
    Jonathan Cormier
    Mélanie Pineau
    Philippe Desjardins
    Véronique Landry-Cloutier
  • director of photography
    Guy Kinkead
  • original music
    Marie-Jo Thério
  • music - collaboration
    Bernard Falaise
    Érik West-Millett
    Steve Arguëlles
    Bernard Grenon
  • editor
    Daniel Fournier
  • sound editor
    Serge Arseneault
  • sound engineer
    Serge Arseneault
  • online editing
    Ghislain Ouellette
  • computer graphics
    Ghislain Ouellette
  • concept
    Daniel Leblanc
  • voice
    Daniel Leblanc
  • animation
    Éric Cormier
  • voice recording
    Léandre Bourgeois
  • sound effects
    Ian Noël
  • assistant director
    Michelle Paulin
  • production assistant
    Martin Landry
  • additional camera
    Donald Léger
  • production manager
    Oana Presicareanu
  • transcription
  • interim financing
    National Bank of Canada
  • administrative assistant
    Colette Allain
  • administrator
    Geneviève Duguay
  • marketing
    Julie Arseneault
  • marketing assistant
    Karine Sévigny
  • executive producer
    Jacques Turgeon



Ages 16 to 17

Geography - Territory: Regional
History and Citizenship Education - Culture and Currents of Thought (1500-present)
Languages - English as a Second Language

A viewing of Part I would be helpful prior to viewing Part 2. Pre-teach the term “Chiac,” since it is the primary focus of both films. Debate the use of Chiac and the negative connotations that the language has today. Identify Chiac’s primary speakers and the problems that it presents for them. Discuss Acadieman as a form of literature. Comment on the author’s purpose for creating it.

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