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| 12 min

Un personnage prend vie sur une table d'animation. L'animateur le dessine et le manipule à l'aide de matériaux différents. Il se met alors à marcher, à sautiller, nous permettant d'apprécier au même moment différentes techniques d'animation. Film sans paroles.

  • director
    Marcos Magalhães
  • music
    Arthur Cabral
    Fernando Miranda
    Ricardo Freitas
    Sergio Magalhães
    Caio Senna
    Claudio Wilner
  • participation
    Claudio Valeriano
    Sidnei Chagas
    Marcos Amirante
  • post-sync effects
    Leonardo de Souza
  • sound technician
    Marcos Cabral


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Ages 8 to 18

Study Guide - Guide 1

Arts Education - Art
Arts Education - Visual Arts
Media Education - Film Animation
Media Education - Film and Video Production

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

Animated film depicting a figure drawn using different mediums and music changes to accompany each stop-motion-animated sequence.

What is the intention behind drawing the same figure using a variety of media?

Which medium is the most interesting to you? Why?

How appropriate is each music selection for each medium chosen?

How does the filmmaker demonstrate some of the challenges of the creative process?

How are music, art and dance intertwined in this film?

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