... And Music

It's the first day of classes. The students at Sacré-Coeur primary school, in Sherbrooke, Quebec, are about to experience an adventure that most children their age can't even imagine. They'll be learning French, math, history and music.

Filmmaker Michel Lam documents this unique experience over an entire academic year. Returning to the school where he himself learned piano and cello, he trains his camera lens on the journeys of three children, recording the events of each day without narration or commentary except for brief interview excerpts. We discover how learning about music structures these young minds, developing their sensibilities and their curiosity, sense of autonomy and emotional intelligence. This gentle and powerful work shows how arts teaching can do so much for children's education and development.

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Alexis Savard-Drouin
Rachel Clark
Anne-Catherine Fontaine
Chantale Cavanagh
Marylène Gilbert
Andrée-Anne Massé
Micheline Lafrenière
Suzanne Larramée
Carole Rossano
Pamela McMahon Morin
Michel Lam
Michel Lam
Michel Lam
Julien Fontaine
location sound
Thierry Morlaas
picture editing
Marlene Millar
sound editing
Luc Mandeville
Nicolas Gagnon
Luc Léger
original music
Michel Lam
executive producer
Yves Bisaillon
Patricia Bergeron


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