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What is Democracy?

What is Democracy?

| 1 h 47 min

Featuring a diverse cast—including celebrated philosophers, trauma surgeons, factory workers, refugees, and politicians—What Is Democracy? connects past and present, emotion and the intellect, the personal and the political, to provoke and inspire. If we want to live in democracy, we must first ask what the word even means.

  • director
    Astra Taylor
  • producer
    Lea Marin
  • executive producer
    Anita Lee
  • director of photography
    Maya Bankovic
  • editor
    Robert Kennedy
  • sound recordist
    Sanjay Mehta
  • featuring
    Silvia Federici
    Eleni Perdikouri
    Harrison Preddy
    Hannah Niles
    Cornel West
    Mickey Michaux Jr.
    William Barber II
    Delaney Vandergrift
    Efimia Karakantza
    Eulalia Francisco
    Alfonso Gonzalez
    Walter Vicente
    Wendy Brown
    George Papandreou
    Aspasia Balta
    Zoe Konstantopoulou
    Emmy Koutsopoulou
    Angela Davis
    Badili Jones
    Aja Monet
    Christian Guerrier
    Victor On-Sang
    Jacques Laroche
    Tanya Zakrison
    Rishi Rattan
    Nicholas Namias
    Ellie Brett
    Salam Magames
    Abid Muhajir
    Hasan Hmeydan
  • writer
    Astra Taylor
  • music
    Heather McIntosh
  • associate producer
    Patricia Boushel
  • additional cinematography
    Martina Radwan
    Michael Galinsky
    Olympia Mytilinaiou
  • 1st assistant camera
    Christopher Goll
    Irina Zevgoli
  • assistant editor
    Kevin Riley
  • additional editing
    Lawrence Jackman
  • production manager
    Denia Safari
    Jacques Laroche
    Christina Carvalho
  • production consultant
    Denia Safari
    Jacques Laroche
  • manager studio operations
    Mark Wilson
  • production supervisor
    Marcus Matyas
  • production coordinator
    Kate Vollum
    Jennifer Bertling
    Jessica Lozano Castro
    Carla Murphy
  • studio administrator
    Stephanie Brantner
    Leslie Anne Poyntz
  • technical coordinator
    Kevin Riley
    Luc Binette
    Candice Desormeaux
  • fixer
    Denia Safari
    Christos Giovanopoulos
    Alison Ercolani
    Natalia Maria Guecheva
    Stan Draenos
  • art director
    Andrew Berry
  • production assistant
    Nye Taylor
    Stellios Dimoutsis
    Spyridon-Stylianos Drainas
    Robin Hughes
    Leina Bocar
    Suki Hawley
  • translator
    Denia Safari
    Christos Giovanopoulos
    Hasan Hmeydan
    Aspasia Dassios
    Ada Volkmer
    Loida Ginocchio-Silva
    Molly Hemstreet
    Serence Husni
    Nicole Benson
    Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam
    Deborah Wassertzug
  • editorial researcher
    Patricia Boushel
  • archival researcher
    Elizabeth Klinck
    Dora Chondropoulou
    Jivan Nagra
    Astra Taylor
  • transcription
    Aurora Diana Prevelic
    Nye Taylor
    Queen Arsem-O'Malley
    Nicki Benson
  • additional music
    A Hawk
    A Hawcksaw
  • music player
    Heather McIntosh
    John Lindaman
    Jeremy Barnes
    Dylan Ryan
  • music engineer
    Heather McIntosh
  • music mixer
    Brendyn Adams
  • technical music assistant
    Blake Bunzel
    Connor Cook
  • online editor
    Serge Verreault
  • re-recording mixer
    Serge Boivin
  • graphic design
    Cynthia Ouellet
    Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo
  • titles
    Cynthia Ouellet
    Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo
  • digital editing technician
    Patrick Trahan
  • sound facilities
    Tattersall Sound & Picture
  • sound designer
    David McCallum
  • sound effects editor
    David Rose
  • dialogue/sync editor
    Claire Dobson
  • re-recording dialogue mixer
    James Bastable
  • publicist
    Jennifer Mair
  • marketing manager
    Melissa Wheeler
    Amanda Laukys
  • legal counsel
    Peter Kallianiotis


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Ages 14 to 18

Mini-Lesson - What is Democracy?

Civics/Citizenship - Human Rights
Civics/Citizenship - Ideologies
Social Studies - Communities in Canada/World

What is Democracy?
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