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| 1 h 35 min

In 1937, tens of thousands of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent were exterminated by the Dominican army on the basis of anti-black racism. Fast-forward to 2013: the Dominican Republic’s Supreme Court stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, retroactive to 1929, rendering more than 200,000 people stateless. Director Michèle Stephenson’s new documentary follows the grassroots campaign of a young attorney named Rosa Iris, as she challenges electoral corruption and fights to protect the right to citizenship for all people.

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  • featuring
    Rosa Iris Diendomi-Álvarez
    Teofilo Murat
    Gladys Feliz
  • writer
    Michèle Stephenson
  • director
    Michèle Stephenson
  • producer
    Jennifer Holness
    Lea Marin
    Michèle Stephenson
  • executive producer
    Anita Lee
    Joe Brewster
    Sudz Sutherland
    Leslie Fields-Cruz
    Sandie Viquez Pedlow
  • director of photography
    Alfredo Alcántara
    Tito Rodriguez
    Naiti Gámez
    Nadia Hallgren
    Jaime Guerra
    Pedro Arnau Bros Santana
  • field producer
    Johanné Gomez-Terreiro
    Susibel Espaillat
    Tony Then-Repozo
  • editor
    Sophie Farkas Bolla
  • additional editor
    Andres Landau
  • consulting editor
    Ricardo Acosta
    Lawrence Jackman
  • music
    Ben Fox
  • line producer
    Norah Wakula
  • associate producer
    Elise Whittington
    Ayana Enomoto-Hurst
    Patricia Benabe
  • assistant editor
    Jordan Kawai
  • story editor
    Jennifer Holness
  • narrator
    Rosa Iris Diendomi-Álvarez
  • 2nd unit cinematography
    Francisco Alberto Rodiguez
    Ariel Mota
  • additional camera
    Michèle Stephenson
  • production sound
    Michèle Stephenson
    Johanné Gomez-Terreiro
    Susibel Espaillat
  • photographer
    Conrad Louis Charles
  • assistant director
    Ayana Enomoto-Hurst
    Dinayuri Rodriguez
    Ashley Lin
  • production assistant
    Tennile Brown
  • administrative assistant
    Stephanie Ukonga
  • researcher
    Dinayuri Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Kalbfleisch
    Tina Meister
    Gisela Zuniga
  • in house graphics
    Brett Lamb
  • photo visual research
    Michèle Stephenson
  • storyboard artist
    Michèle Stephenson
  • legal
    Hatty Reisman
    Jennifer Dick
    Divya Shahani
  • production accountant
    Rajiv Gupta
    Melissa Kalef
    Dania Kannan
  • post-production accountant
    Cheryl Henry
  • insurance
    Front Row Insurance
  • manager, studio operations
    Mark Wilson
  • studio administrator
    Stefanie Brantner
    Patricia Bourgeois
  • production supervisor
    Marcus Matyas
  • technical coordinator
    Kevin Riley
    Luc Binette
  • digital editing technician
    Patrick Trahan
  • production coordinator
    Andrew Martin-Smith
    Katie Murray
  • marketing manager
    Melissa Wheeler
  • marketing coordinator
    Michelle Rozon
  • legal counsel
    Peter Kallianiotis
  • head business affairs, distribution
    Mary Graziano
  • driver
    Johnny Álvarez Roja
    Joseph Etienne
    Juan Bautista Soriano Garcia
  • post-production house
    Urban Post Production Inc.
  • post project manager
    Roberta Bratti
  • colourist
    Mila Patriki
  • sound editor
    Ryan Birnberg
  • foley artist
    Andrea Agro
  • foley recordist
    Joshua Pichardo
  • re-recording mixer
    Chris Guglick
    Matt McKenzie
  • additional re-recording mixer
    Keith Elliott
  • re-recording assistant
    Calvin Tran
    Tyler Hall
  • online editor
    Rouben Boudagian
  • urban picture operations
    Bruce Rees
  • post-production coordinator
    Tyler Evans
  • translation
    Michèle Stephenson
    Andres Landau
    Ricardo Acosta
    Dinayuri Rodriguez
    Janil Santana
    Natalie Rivera
    Leobianny Hilario
    Williams M. Amaya
    Berlotte Antoine
    Gisela Zuniga
  • score recording
    Ben Fox
  • score production
    Ben Fox
  • musician
    Michael Peter Olsen
    Adrian Cook
  • additional score mixing
    Dennis Patterson


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