The Wanderer

This animation short is an adaptation of Michel Tremblay's short story "The Devil and the Mushroom." A tale of supernatural power, greed and violence, it involves a sinister stranger who single-handedly transforms a quiet village into the scene of a phantasmagoric nightmare.

Film Credits

George Ungar
George Ungar
Eunice Macaulay
Ishu Patel
George Ungar
executive producer
Douglas MacDonald
Normand Roger
Normand Roger
David Fine

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  • AlexanderLee

    “Like Nasferatu, the Devil contaminates the world. This animation offers us no redemption as the German classic.did. It's in the vein of the Klaus Kinski version where vermin overrun everything. We have a choice of visions. Love redeems us or God abandons us. Both visions ring equally true. ” — AlexanderLee, 8 Jul 2010

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