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Tragic Story with Happy Ending

Tragic Story with Happy Ending

| 7 min

A little girl finds acceptance in embracing her own difference. This lyrical animated film has the timeless charm of an old fable - one whose subject is difference and self-affirmation. Through images evoking the rich texture of a woodblock print, the filmmaker has created a world of contrasts complemented by a lively soundtrack with a rhythmic beat. Technique: photocopies with images scratched into India ink on glossy paper. Lesson plan:

  • direction
    Regina Pessoa
  • script
    Regina Pessoa
  • graphics
    Regina Pessoa
  • backgrounds
    Regina Pessoa
  • artistic consultant
    Abi Feijo
  • animation
    Regina Pessoa
    Sylvie Léonard
    Laurent Repiton
  • in-between
    André Marques
    Daniela Duarte
    Jorge Ribeiro
    Tiago Lourenço
  • voice
    Elina Lowensohn
    Manuela Azevedo
  • music
    Normand Roger
  • sound design
    Normand Roger
  • music - collaboration
    Denis Chartrand
  • sound design - collaboration
    Denis Chartrand
  • sound editing
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • engravings - adaptation
    Maryse Tuzi
  • engravings - revision
    Maryse Tuzi
  • engravings
    Assina Benbetka
    Yasmina Bouachrine
    Véronique Fillod
    Carole Guénault
    Myriam Gras
    Frédérique Lecront
    Crapette Lietar
    Mylène Seignobos
    Benédicte Serre
  • titles
    Izu Troin
  • compositing
    Patrick Tallaron
  • picture editing
    Hervé Guichard
  • sound engineer
    Guillaume Samot
    Fernando Rangel
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Shelley Craig
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • producer
    Jacques-Rémy Girerd
    Patrick Eveno
    Abi Feijo
    Marcel Jean
  • production director
    Emmanuel Bernard
  • executive producer
    Michel Besançon
    Catherine Blanc
    Francine Langdeau
  • administration
    Caroline Augier
    Catherine Faure
    Christine Lissoni
    Luis Pereira
    Diane Régimbald
  • translation
    Harry Cleven
    Clare Kitson


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Ages 15 to 17

Study Guide - Guide 1

Health/Personal Development - Body Image
Health/Personal Development - Identity
Health/Personal Development - Mental Health/Stress/Suicide
Health/Personal Development - Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

This allegorical tale of a girl learning to accept herself and deal with society’s rejection of her, is a catalyst for discussion of societal issues of diversity, integration and discrimination. Once she accepts herself and no longer fights society’s rejection, does she commit suicide or is she reborn? Does the change in her physical appearance force society to accept her or does it force her to leave the society?

Tragic Story with Happy Ending
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