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| 10 min

This animated film paints a vivid portrait of two strangers intimately linked by the shared ceilings, floors and plumbing of their apartments. When an unexpected problem arises, these comfortable connections are compromised. Wendy Tilby uses a painstaking animation process involving painting on glass and stop-action filming. Strings is a film as beautiful as it is haunting. Without words.

  • director
    Wendy Tilby
  • script
    Wendy Tilby
  • animation
    Wendy Tilby
  • producer
    David Verrall
  • executive producer
    Douglas MacDonald
    Barrie McLean
  • sound editing
    Les Halman
    Don Ayer
  • music
    Chris Crilly


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Ages 10 to 18

Study Guide - Guide 1

Arts Education - Music
Family Studies/Home Economics - Relationships
Health/Personal Development - Human Growth and Development
Media Education - Film Animation

No dialogue

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

Animated film illustrating how people are connected in an apartment building through action and music.

The filmmaker painted on glass to create this effect. What is unique about this animation style? What might be some of the benefits of using such a medium?

Does the title of the film relate to the style of drawing? What about the choice of shots and how each person’s life is shown?

Why might the filmmaker have decided to have no dialogue in this film? What are the benefits and drawbacks of creating a film in this way?

How do the main characters differ in their day-to-day life? What commonalities do they share?

How does the music in this film make you feel? What might have been the intention behind choosing classical music for this film? What other types of music might work?

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