Tommy Douglas: Keeper of the Flame

This feature documentary traces the political career of T.C. (Tommy) Douglas, former premier of Saskatchewan and leader of the New Democratic Party, who was voted the Greatest Canadian in 2004 for his devotion to social causes, his charm and his powers of persuasion. Known as the "Father of Medicare," this one-time champion boxer and fiery preacher entered politics in the 1930s and never looked back.

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  • ChimesofFreedom

    “As I write, mid 2014, do not his ideas and politics make wonderful sense?” — ChimesofFreedom, 4 Jul 2014

  • TommY_D_inspired_me_2_post

    “?? huh? ??? ” — TommY_D_inspired_me_2_post, 29 Dec 2013

  • canadianmonster

    “he was a leader of the people and not a puppet of the rich” — canadianmonster, 30 Sep 2012

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Film Credits

Elise Swerhone
Adam Symansky
Elise Swerhone
executive producer
Ches Yetman
Jan D'Arcy
Donald Brittain
Donald Brittain
Ian Elkin
Charles Konowal
Zoe Dirse
Leon Johnson
Donald List
Jean-Guy Normandin
Ian Rankin
sound editing
Raymond Vermette
sound mixer
Hans Peter Strobl
Shelley Craig
John McCulloch

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