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Tiger Spirit

Tiger Spirit

| 1 h 13 min

This full-length documentary tells the story of modern Korea, a nation divided in half. The psychic scar shared by families divided during the Korean War in the 1950s is symbolized by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing communist North from capitalist South. Along this infamous border, filmmaker Min Sook Lee begins an emotion-charged journey into Korea’s broken heart, exploring the rhetoric and realism of reunification through the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. An eloquent tale of longing and hope, Tiger Spirit is an unforgettable portrait of Korea at a crossroads.

  • director
    Min Sook Lee
  • writer
    Min Sook Lee
  • producer
    Ed Barreveld
    Min Sook Lee
    Anita Lee
  • executive producer
    Silva Basmajian
  • production executive
    Steve Gamester
  • director of photography
    Stanislaw Barua
    Mark Ellam
    Michael Grippo
  • editor
    Ricardo Acosta
  • location sound
    Sanjay Mehta
  • music composer
    Mark Korven
  • production manager
    Joo Hyun Kwon
  • narrator
    Min Sook Lee
  • production consultant
    Dionne Brand
  • animation
    Ghost FX
    Moni Hillman
    Tom Hillman
    Jaime Torres
  • additional photography
    David Kim
    Ja Kyung Kim
    Mi Re Kim
    Joo Hyun Kwon
    Min Sook Lee
  • additional location sound
    Ao Loo
  • assistant editor
    Aram Siu Wai Collier
    Yukyung Kim-Cho
    Sean Kang
    Samuel Park
    Heejoo Yoon
  • driver
    Shin Won
    Kyung Guk Ham
    Kyu Sahng Kim
  • location stills
    Linda Kwon
    Joo Hyun Kwon
    Sanjay Mehta
  • sound editor
    Marvyn Dennis
    Steven Toepell
  • sound design
    Daniel Pellerin
  • mixing supervisor
    Daniel Pellerin
  • post-production coordinator
    Jennifer Punter
  • post-production on-line
    Dan Johnston
  • post-production sound
    Matt Chan
    Jan Rudy
  • subtitles
    Samuel Park
  • archival research
    Tanya Fleet
  • translation
    Ah Ra Cho
    Sanghun Cho
    Young Lee Ha
    Hyejung Jung
    Keon Mi Park
    Samuel Park
    Yukyung Kim-Cho
    Christine Lee
    Kyung Ho Lee
    Cholong Lim
    Kaila Wang
    Heejoo Yoon
  • transcription
    Ah Ra Cho
    Sanghun Cho
    Young Lee Ha
    Hyejung Jung
    Keon Mi Park
    Samuel Park
    Yukyung Kim-Cho
    Christine Lee
    Kyung Ho Lee
    Cholong Lim
    Kaila Wang
    Heejoo Yoon
  • studio administration
    Lisa Valencia-Svensson
  • production accountant
    Anne Sinclair
  • production auditor
    Steven Friedman
  • legal
    Brian Ferstman
  • production insurance
    Steve Beatty
  • production supervisor
    Mark Wilson
  • production coordinator
    Christine Kleckner
  • interviewee
    Sun Nam Lim
    Hyang Sam Park
    Ok Young Cheon
    Ok Soon Cheon
    Kyung Chul Kim
    Jin Hwa Chung
    Won Seok Lee
    Hye In Chung
    Hyun Jun Kim
    Young Sik Kim
    Joo Ok Kim
    Jung Ja Kim
    Jong Sul Kwon
    Eun Sik Kim


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Ages 14 to 17

Diversity - Identity
Family Studies/Home Economics - Family Diversity and Challenges
Family Studies/Home Economics - Feminism
History and Citizenship Education - Culture and Currents of Thought (1500-present)

Tiger Spirit
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