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Through My Thick Glasses

Through My Thick Glasses

| 12 min

In Pjotr Sapegin's animated short, an old man tells his granddaughter of his experiences during the Second World War in an effort to distract her while putting on her winter hat. The tall tale is filled with strange characters, surprising plot twists and a world far beyond the little girl's comprehension. Using clay animation, the director takes a true story and gives it a tongue-in-cheek treatment. The film is dedicated to his mother.

  • director
    Pjotr Sapegin
  • producer
    David Reiss-Andersen
    Marcel Jean
  • screenplay
    Pjotr Sapegin
    David Reiss-Andersen
  • music
    Normand Roger
  • sound design
    Normand Roger
  • music - collaboration
    Denis Chartrand
  • sound design - collaboration
    Denis Chartrand
  • voice
    Odd Borretzen
    Sossen Krohg
  • photographer
    Janne Hansen
  • animation
    Pjotr Sapegin
    Chantal Masson
    Kaja Wright Polmar
    Marte Stensen
  • scenographer
    Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen
  • editor
    Simen Gengenbach
  • translation
    Mikkel B. Tin
  • line producer
    Francine Langdeau
  • post-production coordinator
    Kaare Stang
  • sound editing
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • sound
    Hakon Lammetun
  • mix
    Jean Paul Vialard
    Serge Boivin
  • technical coordination
    Andrée Delagrave
  • production assistant
    Elin Grimstad
  • studio
    Pravda - Oslo
  • lab
    Filmteknikk Norge
  • negative cutter
    Tor Ole Aagedal
  • grader
    Bente Helle
  • financial supervisor
    Paal Romnes
  • music rights
    Normand Roger


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Ages 14 to 17

Study Guides - Guide 1 | Guide 2

History - World War II

In language class, this animated short offers several interesting perspectives related to the narration and the story: How is the tragic content lightened by the narrative tone? What means does the filmmaker use to immerse viewers in a child’s world? What historical facts do we learn through this story? It can also be interesting to have a debate on the question of whistle-blowing: How do you interpret the action taken by the mother of the narrator’s friend? Is it justified?

Through My Thick Glasses
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