Taa Tam

Taa Tam

| 10 min

Taa Tam of the Maha Tribe knew music before music even existed... or so this imaginary legend goes. He saw rhythm everywhere: in the flutter of the leaf, in the pounding of corn, in the pulse of the planet. One night, he dreams himself into a place where all he touches becomes an instrument. Wood and bone metamorphose into xylophone and rattle. Animal hide resounds with the deep voice of the drum. With his soul on fire, an exultant Taa Tam discovers his ability to bring alive the passion that has been locked inside him for so long. Volcanoes erupt and flames leap to the vigorous beat of the world's premier concert. Wrapped in luxuriant colors and a vibrant sound track, Taa Tam celebrates human creativity at a performance where music is the guest of honor. A film without words.

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Taa Tam, , provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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