| 56 min

The super-companies of this film are multi-national corporations that treat the world as one market. They take raw materials from one place, process them in another, and sell them everywhere. Shot on four continents, Super-Companies provides a provocative view of the way our world is being shaped by economic powers that are often at odds with the needs of people.

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Super-Companies, Boyce Richardson, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Boyce Richardson
  • script
    Boyce Richardson
  • narrator
    Boyce Richardson
  • producer
    Barrie Howells
    Mark Zannis
  • camera
    Barry Perles
  • sound
    Jacques Drouin
  • editing
    Edward Le Lorrain
  • sound editing
    Paul Demers
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Adrian Croll
  • music
    Ben Richardson
    Jerome Gooboo