Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me

TRIGGER WARNING: This film contains scenes depicting homophobia and violence, which may be disturbing to some viewers.

Someone Like Me follows the parallel journeys of Drake, a gay asylum seeker from Uganda, and a group of strangers from Vancouver’s queer community who are tasked with supporting his resettlement in Canada. Together, they embark on a year-long quest for personal freedom, revealing how in a world where one must constantly fight for the right to exist, survival itself becomes a victory.

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Someone Like Me, Sean Horlor & Steve J. Adams, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • writer
    Sean Horlor
    Steve J. Adams
  • director
    Sean Horlor
    Steve J. Adams
  • producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
    Teri Snelgrove
  • line producer
    Jennifer Roworth
  • director of photography
    Farhad Ghaderi
    Blake Davey
  • editor
    Graham Kew
  • composer
    Edo Van Breemen
    Johannes Winkler
  • sound designer
    Oscar Vargas
  • additional photography
    Bryce Zimmerman
    Mike Dinsmore
    Vince Arvidson
    Jeremy Cox
    Alfonso Chin
  • location sound recordist
    Alex Shamku
    Oscar Vargas
    Xavier Prat
    Sandor Gyurkovics
    Jeff Henschel
    David Pullmer
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
    Luc Binette
  • senior production coordinator
    Nathan Conchie
  • assembly editor
    Freya Maude
  • researcher
    Melissa James
  • production assistant
    Eli Morris
    Frankie Tear
    Katy Tooth
  • sound assistant
    Milena Salazar
  • translation
    Amos Kambere
    LAT Multilingual Translation & Marketing
  • colourist
    Sam Gilling
  • online editor
    Serge Verreault
  • re-recording mixer
    May Guimaraes
    Kevin Morales
  • musician
    Jeffrey Innes
  • end credits
    Jason Lau
  • featuring
  • studio administrator
    Carla Jones
  • marketing manager
    Kay Rondonneau
  • publicist
    Katja De Bock
  • legal counsel
    Peter Kallianiotis
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse

  • Daniel K

    A lovely documentary... It's sad how it ends on a bit of an ambivalent note, albeit with some good news. I hope the people featured in the documentary, especially Drake, are surviving and thriving, even as the pandemic continues to drag on.

    Daniel K, 4 Jul 2022