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| 13 min

The NFB’s 10th Academy-Award winning film.

This Oscar®-winning animated short from Chris Landreth is based on the life of Ryan Larkin, a Canadian animator who produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. Ryan is living every artist's worst nightmare - succumbing to addiction, panhandling on the streets to make ends meet. Through computer-generated characters, Landreth interviews his friend to shed light on his downward spiral. Some strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

  • director
    Chris Landreth
  • producer
    Steven Hoban
    Marcy Page
    Mark Smith
  • executive producer
    Jed DeCory
    Karyn Nolan
    Noah Segal
    David Verrall
  • associate producer
    Jeremy Edwardes
  • computer graphics producer
    David Baas
  • executive in charge of production
    Larry DeFlorio
  • composer
    Fergus Marsh
    Michael White
  • interview voice
    Ryan Larkin
    Chris Landreth
    Felicity Fanjoy
    Derek Lamb
  • animator
    Robb Denovan
    Sebastian Kapijimpanga
    Paul Kohut
    Jeff Panko
  • character design
    Chris Landreth
  • lighting
    Belma Abdicevic
  • rendering
    Belma Abdicevic
  • compositing
    Belma Abdicevic
  • character modeller
    Ted Charlton
    Joseph Kim
  • character setup
    Simon Sherr
    Rick Kogucki
    Bill Dwelly
    Fred Ni
  • character texturing
    Dave Bachelor
  • set texturing
    Dave Bachelor
  • set design
    Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
    Paul Cieniuch
    Ian MacLeod
  • modeling
    Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
    Paul Cieniuch
    Ian MacLeod
  • texturing
    Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
    Paul Cieniuch
    Ian MacLeod
  • storyboard artist
    Brian Lemay
  • additional animation
    Alison Reiko Loader
    Wadi Ejiwunmi
    Terry Kalinich
  • additional effects animation
    Yiqun Chen
    Bill Dwelly
  • additional character design
    Fred Ni
    Thomas Hendry
  • additional texturing
    Daniel Hornick
  • additional lighting
    Ian MacLeod
    Helen Zotalis Van Emmerik
  • additional compositing
    Joe Raasch
  • render assistant
    Dave Bachelor
  • software r&d director
    Karan Singh
  • production programmer
    Patrick Coleman
    George Elkoura
    Glenn Tsang
  • technical administrator
    Martin Kumor
  • programmer
    Martin Kumor
  • assistant system administrator
    Steven Lin
  • Seneca assistant
    Ali Murtaza
    Heather Gagnier
    Heather Chan
  • pre-production consultant
    Rob Aitchison
  • previsualization
    Martin Hesselink
    Gavin Soares
    Derek Verdonck
  • post-production supervisor
    Paula Devonshire
  • production accountant
    Brian Borts
    Kim Killam
  • picture editing services
    Coptor Productions Inc.
  • editor
    Allan Code
  • assistant editor
    Michael Morrow
  • titles
    Todd Ivey
  • slates
    Todd Ivey
  • scheduling
    Melanie Moulton
  • digital film transfer
    Film Effects Inc.
  • prints
  • sound design services
    Tattersall Sound & Picture
  • sound supervisor
    David McCallum
  • re-recording mixer
    Lou Solakofski
  • dialogue editor
    Martin Gwynn Jones
  • ADR editor
    Martin Gwynn Jones
  • sound effects editor
    Jane Tattersall
    Garrett Kerr
    David Rose
    Rod Deogrades
  • assistant re-recording mixer
    Eliot Crackower
  • foley artist
    Steve Hammond
  • foley assistant
    John Elliott
  • foley recordist
    Eric Culp
  • ADR recordist
    Robert DiGioria
  • sound mixing services
    Casablanca Magnetic North
  • musician
    Hugh Marsh
    Don Rooke
    Jeremy Edwardes
    Roberto Occhipinti
    Brian Barlow
  • music engineer
    Ormond Jobin



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