Outside the Box

Experimental films, humorous films and films that make you go "Wha...?"
  • Series 4

    A hypnotic cycle of baffling images
    Take a dive into the frenetic and mesmerizing world of this experimental short that questions the relationship between humans and their mechanized environment.
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  • The Devil You Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane

    The unassuming talent behind a legendary superhero
    Meet one of the most fascinating and innovative men in popular entertainment today: Todd McFarlane, creator of fictional superhero Spawn. Driven, controversial, relentless, McFarlane also lives a happy suburban life married to his childhood sweetheart.
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  • The Brainwashers

    Spelunking through the cave of the mind
    Explore this chilling short animation filled with fearsome puppets inhabiting a world of strange objects. Two chimney sweepers clear all the memories from their victim's brain in a quest to determine what goes on in a man's head.
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