Outside the Box

Experimental films, humorous films and films that make you go "Wha...?"
  • Film

    Canada Vignettes: The Move

    Imagine passing this on the highway!
    Watch as after nearly half a century, a 9-storey, 200-ton Saskatchewan grain elevator is moved across snow-covered terrain to a new home.
  • Film

    Madame Tutli-Putli

    A stop-motion metaphysical adventure
    Check out this Oscar®-nominated film about a woman who comes face to face with her demons while traveling alone on the night train.
  • Film

    Project Grizzly

    It's time to suit up
    Join Troy James Hurtubise as he goes face to face with Canada's most deadly land mammal - the grizzly bear - in a cult classic rumoured to be one of Tarentino's favourites.