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New release
Oscar® Nominee, Best Short Film (Animated), 2016

Blind Vaysha

2016 8 min
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One eye in the future and one in the past

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Blind Vaysha


This short film tells the story of Vaysha, a young girl born with one green eye and one brown eye. But colour isn’t the only thing that’s different about Vaysha’s gaze. While her left eye sees only the past; her right sees only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from inhabiting the present. Blinded by what was and tormented by what will be, she remains trapped between two irreconcilable temporalities. “Blind Vaysha,” they called her.

In this metaphoric tale of timeless wisdom and beauty based on the eponymous short story by Georgi Gospodinov, filmmaker Theodore Ushev reminds us of the importance of keeping our sights on the present moment.
  • director
    Theodore Ushev
  • animation
    Theodore Ushev
  • voice
    Caroline Dhavernas
  • voice direction
    Julie Burroughs
  • sound design
    Olivier Calvert
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
  • technical director
    Pierre Plouffe
  • technical coordinator
    Daniel Lord
  • production coordinator
    Michèle Labelle
  • online editor
    Serge Verreault
  • marketing manager
    Geneviève Bérard
  • administrator
    Diane Régimbald
  • administrative team
    Diane Ayotte
    Karine Desmeules
  • executive producer
    Julie Roy
  • producer
    Marc Bertrand

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Ages 14 to 18
Study Guide

Philosophical short film that uses symbolism to explore questions about our relationship to time, memory, and the future. Is Vaysha a hero or a victim? In what ways are we like Vaysha—blind to the present? Do you, your friends, your family or our society spend more time looking ahead or looking behind? If you were in Vaysha’s position, would you keep the eye that only saw the past or the eye that only saw the future, and why?

Blind Vaysha
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