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This short animation begins with a mysterious man lying unconscious on the ground in the middle of a bustling metropolis. A crowd of passers-by forms around him, each person attempting to guess what is going on. While the crowd's babbling feeds the rumour mill, it never occurs to any of the onlookers—not the scientist, or the cop, or the businessman, or the punk, or the old lady—to just go and help the poor guy. Rumors is a wickedly funny and biting social satire from the Groupe Kiwistiti, a Quebec-based auteur animation group.

  • direction
    Groupe Kiwistiti
    Francis Desharnais
  • animation
    Francis Desharnais
  • script
    Francis Desharnais
    Philippe Venne
  • original concept
    Frédéric Lebrasseur
    Francis Desharnais
  • production management
    Annie Frenette
  • colour design
    Annie Frenette
  • animation assistance
    Annie Frenette
  • music
    Philippe Venne
    Frédéric Lebrasseur
  • sound track
    Philippe Venne
    Frédéric Lebrasseur
  • musician
    Daniel Tardif
    Jocelyn Guilmette
    Frédéric Lebrasseur
    Philippe Venne
  • editing
    Denis Lavoie
  • sound editing
    Olivier Calvert
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • digital imaging specialist
    Pierre Plouffe
  • animation camera
    Pierre Landry
  • titles
    Louise Overy
  • music recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Sylvain Cajelais
  • foley recording
    Studio Modulations
  • re-recording
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • laboratory
    Technicolor, Services créatifs, Montréal
  • technical coordination
    Andrée Delagrave
  • administrative team
    Marie-Gabrielle Forget
    Michèle Labelle
    Diane Martindale
  • administration
    Maryse Chapdelaine
    Diane Régimbald
  • marketing officer
    Julie Roy
  • line producer
    Francine Langdeau
  • producer
    Marcel Jean


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Ages 16 to 17

Arts Education - Visual Arts
Civics/Citizenship - Ideologies
History and Citizenship Education - Issues in Society Today
Media Education - Film Animation

Ask students to brainstorm ideas about rumour and assumption, and their personal and societal effects: how have you been affected by rumour? What upheavals in history have been due to assumptions about groups? What family issues might be affected by rumour and assumption? Film and media students can be asked to identify and evaluate the visual and sound techniques that develop theme, then produce short practice pieces on chosen social themes.

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