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Round Up

Round Up

| 18 min

This short film traces Pete Standing Alone's personal journey from cultural alienation to pride and belonging. As a spiritual elder, teacher, and community leader of the Kainai Nation of Southern Alberta, Pete works with youth to repair the cultural and spiritual destruction wrought by residential schools. At age 81, he has come full-circle in his dedication to preserving the traditional ways of his people.

  • director
    Narcisse Blood
  • writer
    Gil Cardinal
  • producer
    Gil Cardinal
  • editor
    Brenda Teming
  • cinematographer
    Dennis Southgate
    Daron Donahue
    Rick Tailfeathers
  • sound recordist
    Per Asplund
    Stan Jackson
  • on-line
    Studio Post
  • colour correction
    Studio Post
  • transcription
    Sharon Murphy
  • round-up rider
    Fagan Standing Alone
    Frank Weasel Head
    Martin Heavy Head
    Jim Plumbe
  • production coordinator
    Ginette D'Silva
    Faye Yoneda
  • production supervisor
    Mark Power
  • marketing manager
    Kelly Fox
  • program administrator
    Darin Clausen
  • executive producer
    David Christensen


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Ages 10 to 17

Study Guide - Guide 1

Indigenous Studies - Identity/Society

Before screening the film, discuss the flashback technique and how it is used. Direct the students’ attention to the backstory communicated by flashbacks in Round Up. What does Pete highlight as he looks back on his life? Invite an elder from the local Aboriginal community to discuss the spiritual ceremonies in the film. Have the class write short texts about the various possible meanings of the film’s title.

Round Up
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