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Rose & Violet

Rose & Violet

| 26 min
Rose & Violet
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The animated short film Rose & Violet tells the story of two Conjoined twin sisters who are recruited as star acrobats in the world’s biggest circus. They seem bound for glory, but when a new strongman joins the troupe, a conflict turns tragic… Filmmakers Luc Otter and Claude Grosch employ a clever combination of 2D and digital cut-outs and clay animation in their exploration of the circus realm.

  • writer
    Claude Grosch
    Luc Otter
  • director
    Claude Grosch
    Luc Otter
  • producer
    Melissa Malkin
    Marcy Page
    Anne Schroeder
  • executive producer
    Melissa Malkin
    David Verrall
    Anne Schroeder
  • voice
    Ellen Muth
    Giselle Webber
    Marcel Jeannin
    Harry Standjofski
    Andreas Aspergis
  • image editing
    Jared Curtis
  • sound design
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Pia Dumont
    Normand Roger
  • sound edit
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Pia Dumont
    Normand Roger
  • original music
    André Dziezuk
    Marc Mergen
  • animation
    Jo Meuris
    Pierre-Nicolas Riou
    Philippe Vaucher
    Sarah Marchand
    Virpi Kettu
  • compositing
    Felipe Bello
    Daniel Gies
  • additional backgrounds
    Sascha Di Giambattista
  • intern
    Nicolas Trotignon
    Mathieu Vernerie
  • digital consultant
    Susan Gourley
  • technical coordination
    Julie Laperrière
  • editing assistance
    Janet Perlman
    Jason Lee
  • online editor
    Denis Gathelier
  • technical support
    Paul Maas
  • voice recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
  • foley recording
    Aline Gavroy
  • foley studio
    Studio L'équipe
  • foley artist
    Bertrand Boudaut
  • sound edit studio
  • mixer
    Pierre Yves Drapeau
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • mixing studio
    National Film Board of Canada
  • musician
    Davy Veyssiere
    Baptiste Brice
  • score recording
    Frédéric Briant
  • music mix
    Jean-Pascal Boffo
  • production manager
    Jean-Luc Zehnter
  • legal
    Christian Kmiotek
  • finance
    Christian Kmiotek
  • administrator
    Gisèle Guilbault
    Aurore Schneidesch
  • production coordinator
    Marie-Christine Nadon
    Elaine Largie
    Lelia Di Luca
  • production assistant
    Amanda Garque
    Mark Griebel
    Lynn Cruchten
  • production accountant
    Daniel Morin
    Joana Pego
  • auditor
    Wasserman Stotland Bratt Grossbaum
    Carlo Reding
  • marketing
    Christine Noël
  • legal services
    Zénaïde Lussier
    Stéphane Moraille
    Kinémage International Inc.
  • financing
    National Bank of Canada
    Banque Raiffeisen Luxembourg
  • insurance
    Media Assurances



Ages 13 to 17

Media Education - Body Image

Before viewing the film, explore the concept of conjoined twins. In what ways does the arrival of Hector cause problems for the conjoined twins? Explore the theme of jealousy as it is presented in the film. Suggest all the reasons why the filmmaker wanted to create this film.

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