Parce qu'on est des filles

Parce qu'on est des filles

                                Parce qu'on est des filles
| 1 h 22 min

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Une famille conformiste indo-canadienne d’une petite ville de la Colombie-Britannique porte un épouvantable secret : trois sœurs ont subi dès l’enfance les agressions sexuelles d’un proche plus âgé. Après avoir gardé le silence durant près de 25 ans, elles choisissent de révéler la vérité, non seulement pour protéger d’autres jeunes parentes, mais surtout pour donner l’exemple à leurs propres filles.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Parce qu'on est des filles, Baljit Sangra, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • script
    Baljit Sangra
  • direction
    Baljit Sangra
  • producer
    Selwyn Jacob
  • associate producer
    Teri Snelgrove
  • None
    Grant Baldwin
    Caroline Coutts
    Robert Moberg
    Eva Brownstein
    Max Noel
    George Faulkner
    Finalé Editworks
  • editing
    Carmen Pollard
    Jessica Dymond
  • original music
    Genevieve Vincent
  • sound design
    Eva Madden
  • delegate producer
    Jennifer Roworth
  • supplementary footage
    Vince Arvidson
    Thomas Billingsley
  • location sound
    Jeff Henschel
    David Pullmer
    Lisa Kolisnyk
  • chief electrician
    Chase Fletcher
    Chester Dixon
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • script advisor
    Carmen Pollard
  • research
    Caroline Coutts
    Jeeti Pooni
  • production coordinator
    Kristyn Stilling
  • production assistant
    Alan Reid
    Jessica Young
  • assistant editor
    Ashley Lynch
    Rhea MacDonald
  • visual effects
    Bun Lee
  • digital imaging
    Jenny Breukelman
  • translation
    Amit Dhaumya
    Madhvi Dhaumya
  • sound mixer
    Shelley Craig
  • colorist
    Lorne Wright
  • subtitling
    Zoé Major
  • marketing
    Kay Rondonneau
  • media relation
    Katja De Bock
  • administration
    Carla Jones
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom

  • None

    I like it very much, thanks to you, yes it take a lot of courage to talk about sexual abuse.

    None, 7 Sep 2020
  • None

    Thank you for this film. It really helped me discover the culture. I Thicke those 3 sisters are just beautiful, inspiring. I think it took a lot of courage for all the family to go trough this. I feel that all girls around the world should be loved and Cherish and protected as equal Human beings that we need to respect.

    None, 13 Jul 2020

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