Just Another Job

Just Another Job

                                Just Another Job
| 27 min

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This short film takes you behind the scenes of the Quebec Nordiques. Coached by the legendary Maurice Richard, the team is playing its opening World Hockey Association game at the Quebec Coliseum. Experience the pre-game tension, the on-ice action and the dream-contract signing.

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Just Another Job, Pierre Letarte, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Pierre Letarte
  • photography
    Pierre Letarte
  • producer
    Ian McLaren
    Jean-V. Dufresne
  • sound
    Claude Lefebvre
    Raymond Marcoux
  • editing
    Peter Raymont
  • sound editing
    André Galbrand
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
  • music
    Jean Cousineau

  • None

    The logo alone for Les Nordiques is a work of great Canadian Modern graphic art: an icon that stands beside the defunct Jets logo and the 'kept alive through nostalgia' Canucks logo of 1970...and yes, for sheer cultural fortitude, for being, in essence, the capital of Winter, Québec deserves that team back in the NHL. As it is important to have the Raptors and the Jays as a Canadian presence in North American pro sports, so should there be a team representative of la francophonie in hockey ...and come on, it's la Ville de Québec! A fan base of which most metropolises can only dream! P.S. I'm wondering about the 'Adieu Alouette' opening...I presume this was part of the 'regionalization' of the Board that sprang up in the seventies. Prairie made films often opened with the animated 'WEST' sequence and those from B.C. the 'PACIFICANADA' sequence. I love that 'Adieu Alouette' (so tongue in cheek in title) features a rotoscoped Robert Charlebois -type figure. For those of a later generation, rotoscoping was (is?) an animation technique that dates back quite a way but became widespread in the late 60s and 70s. Live actors are filmed and then a pos-neg print is struck - i.e.: a black silhouette against a white field. Backgrounds are added and cells are then hand rendered over each frame...this accounts for the near naturalistic but 'strobed' movement of the animated figure in the sequence you see here...an aesthetic all its own and soon to be a lost art.

    None, 31 Dec 2019
  • bulldogbarks55

    Those were great sweaters that the first-year Nordiques wore. The later all-Blue uniforms were too plain. I remember the old AHL As de Quebec Aces. They had some great battles with my Rochester Americans. The Leaf-sponsored Amerks won in the playoffs three years against Quebec!

    bulldogbarks55, 27 May 2011
  • canadianation

    This should serve as an inspiration to getting an NHL franchise to return to Quebec.

    canadianation, 3 Feb 2011
  • leswill

    loved the old Nordique sweaters.

    leswill, 5 Feb 2010

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