June Night

June Night

| 4 min

Working in sublime self-isolation during the strange pandemic spring of 2020, avant-garde filmmaker Mike Maryniuk composes a surreal ode to rebirth and reinvention. Juxtaposing archival imagery with handcrafted animation, he conjures up a shimmering utopian dreamscape, a post-COVID world shaped by the primordial forces of nature—haunted by the genial spectre of Buster Keaton.

Part of THE CURVE, a collection of social distancing stories that bring us together. Enjoy more works from this series here .

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June Night, Mike Maryniuk, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • writer
    Mike Maryniuk
  • director
    Mike Maryniuk
  • producer
    Jon Montes
  • executive producer
    David Christensen
  • animation
    Mike Maryniuk
  • cinematography
    Mike Maryniuk
  • editing
    Mike Maryniuk
  • sound design
    Andy Rudolph
  • mix
    Andy Rudolph
  • additional sound design
    Aaron Funk
  • sound engineer
    Kelsey Braun
  • title design
    Mike Maryniuk
    Jacques Bertrand Simard
  • archival research
    Mike Maryniuk
    Jon Montes
  • music adaptation
    Andy Rudolph
  • composition
    Louis Applebaum
    Maurice Blackburn
    Robert Fleming
    Eldon Rathburn
  • vocals
    Sarah Jo Kirsch
  • additional post production
    Bruce Little
  • technical coordination
    Luc Binette
  • production supervisor
    Esther Viragh
  • studio operations manager
    Darin Clausen
  • studio administrator
    Devon Supeene
  • senior production coordinator
    April Dunsmore
  • legal counsel
    Christian Pitchen
  • marketing manager
    Johanna Lessard
  • publicist
    Katja De Bock

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    Such a brilliant, wonderful, visual delight! As a lifelong Keaton fan it was such a pleasure to see him once again on screen in such a unique, creative way!

    None, 26 Oct 2020