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Le génie créateur : Norman McLaren

Le génie créateur : Norman McLaren

| 1 h 56 min

Long métrage documentaire sur le processus de création artistique de Norman McLaren – un des plus grands cinéastes d’animation canadien – et de ses techniques d’animation particulières. Célébré dans le monde entier, ce grand artiste réussit à faire des films sans caméra et de la musique sans instrument. Les sources de son œuvre nous sont ici révélées par du métrage inédit.

  • director
    Donald McWilliams
  • editing
    Donald McWilliams
  • producer
    David Verrall
  • delegate producer
    Douglas MacDonald
  • script
    Donald McWilliams
    Susan Huycke
  • images
    Pierre Letarte
    Jacques Leduc
  • animation camera
    Pierre Landry
    Jacques Avoine
    Barry Wood
    Robin L.P. Bain
  • sound
    Yves Gendron
    Hans Oomes
    Esther Auger
    Richard Besse
  • music editing
    Raymond Vermette
  • music recording
    Louis Hone
    Gaëtan Pilon
  • sound mixer
    Adrian Croll
  • music
    Eldon Rathburn
  • cast
    Norman McLaren
    Clyde Gilmour
    Tom Daly
    Grant Munro
    Glenn Gould
    John Grierson
    Peter Raymont
    Magnus Isacsson
    Steve Dale
    Donald McWilliams
    Yolande Parent


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Ages 16 to 18

Media Education - Documentary Film
Media Education - Film Animation
Media Education - Film and Video Production

Warning (if any): Some violent imagery (more abstract)

Brief “lesson launcher type” activity or a series of inquiry questions with a bit of context:

Documentary exploring the films, art and ideas of Norman McLaren.

McLaren says that if he had computers at his disposal, he would have used them immediately. If McLaren was born in the modern age, do you think he would have the same level of creativity? Is it more difficult to be creative in modern times since more has been done and we have a record of it?

Are the animation techniques McLaren describes still commonly used? What is the value of animating by hand? What elements of it do we use today or have we stopped using, and why?

How are McLaren’s films linked to music and dance, as he explains? What connections do you see between the different types of media?

Picasso was said to have enjoyed McLaren’s film Hen Hop. What do you think he would have found most interesting or enjoyable about the film?

Is film still a new medium with very few traditions? What has changed since McLaren’s time? He describes painting as a dying medium. Do you agree with this statement?

How do different political events influence art? For McLaren, how did different periods of political and social turmoil affect his art?

Reflecting on McLaren’s career in film, analyze whether his repertoire matures or changes over time. How is Narcissism a reflection on his life as an artist? Do you agree or disagree with the idea that narcissists can contribute meaningfully to the art world? Can narcissists contribute in similar ways to other parts of society? Why or why not?

Le génie créateur : Norman McLaren
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