First Stories - The Power of a Horse

First Stories - The Power of a Horse

| 4 min

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The Power of a Horse is the moving account of filmmaker Cory Generoux dealing with the scars that racism left on his life - both as its recipient and perpetrator. This potent, short film reveals a simple and beautiful lesson that changed his life.

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  • writer
    Cory Generoux
  • director
    Cory Generoux
  • cinematographer
    Layton Burton
  • picture editor
    Chris Bailey
  • original music
  • Jib operator
    Jason Delesoy
  • sound recordist
    Charles Fox
  • production assistant
    Marcel Petit
  • head horse wrangler
    Daryl Taypotat
  • wrangler
    Christine Taypotat
    Sam Taypotat
    Brent Dodginghorse
  • horse manager
    Chief Louis Taypotat
  • program coordinator
    Rhonda Slugoski
    Stephanie Scott
  • workshop mentor
    Brian Stockton
    Cary Ciesielski
    Don White
    Ervin Chartrand
    Gail Maurice
    Jackie Dzuba
    Lorne Olson
    Merelda Fiddler
    Shannon Letandre
    Tasha Hubbard
    Thomas Hale
    Richard Gustin
  • elder
    Roy Crazyhorse Bison
  • marketing manager
    Leslie Stafford
  • production supervisor
    Scott Collins
  • program administrator
    Cyndi Forcand
  • production coordinator
    Monique Perron
    Rolande Petit
  • online editor
    Trevor Bennett
  • associate producer
    Stephanie Scott
  • producer
    Joe MacDonald
  • executive producer
    Derek Mazur