Stories from Our Land 1.5: Family Making Sleds

Stories from Our Land 1.5: Family Making Sleds

                                    Stories from Our Land 1.5: Family Making Sleds
| 5 min
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There’s a lot happening in the Arctic. Canadians are talking about environmental, geopolitical, military and cultural issues, and Stories from Our Land: 1.5 adds engaging voices to the discussion. The Stories program gave 6 Nunavut filmmakers the opportunity to create a 5-minute short that followed a couple of key guidelines: Each film had to be made without the use of interviews or narration, and it had to tell a northern story from a northern perspective.

Family Making Sleds
A man threads rope through runners and slats, expertly tying the knots that hold them together. Meanwhile, a woman and her child cut up cardboard, shaping and decorating the pieces to create their own stylized sleds. Family Making Sleds is an homage to the skill of building sleds that also captures the sheer joy of using them to race downhill.

Filmmaker Rosie Bonnie Ammaaq lives in Igloolik.

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  • billythreerivers

    very nice sled that you made, not your first I can tell. Happy children laughing is the best sound to hear. Keep having fun in the winter.

    billythreerivers, 10 Apr 2013
  • dwyllie49

    I use to make sleds for my girls when they were little and one time i made them one out of the parts off an old wooden chair and an old laundry tub it was the fastest on the hill.the best part was it said dirty laundry down one side,they loved it .OH CANADA

    dwyllie49, 21 Oct 2012