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| 3 min

This film is about cats--actually, one very clever cat. The title is a play on the French quatuor, meaning quartet, but the chorus is not the usual alley-cat variety. The cat in this film is talented indeed. He is both pianist and piano, trumpet and trumpeter and, if need be, even becomes the music--a pulsing rock and roll--or a whole swarm of alley cats.

  • director
    Judith Klein
  • animation
    Judith Klein
  • producer
    Pierre Hébert
  • camera
    Claude Lapierre
  • sound
    Claude Delorme
  • music
    Gordon Fleming
    Herbert Spanier
    Michel Donato
    Eric MacDonald
  • re-recording
    Roger Lamoureux


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Ages 6 to 11

Arts Education - Music

Have students only listen to the music of this clip before you let them see it. Ask them which instruments they heard and record their answers on the board. After the viewing, bring students' attention to the shapes/patterns in the clip. Students will once again listen to the music only and draw a collage where shapes and/or instruments are included. Upper grades can create their collage on the computer and add movement of their images as seen in the clip. Listen to other jazz pieces and ask the class how this type of music compares to the music of their choice.

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