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Antonine Maillet - The Possibilities Are Endless

Antonine Maillet - The Possibilities Are Endless

| 52 min

Made famous in 1971 by the success of La Sagouine and achieving international celebrity after winning the Prix Goncourt for Pélagie-la-Charrette in 1979, Antonine Maillet has been the mouthpiece of the Acadian people throughout the world for fifty years. This documentary takes us from Bouctouche to Montreal by way of Moncton to discover a great writer who has rarely spoken of herself with such candour and generosity. An unforgettable autobiographical document.

  • direction
    Ginette Pellerin
  • research
    Ginette Pellerin
    Marie-Linda Lord
  • script
    Ginette Pellerin
  • interviews
    Ginette Pellerin
    Marie-Linda Lord
  • participant
    Antonine Maillet
    Chloé Leclair
    Blanca Navarro Pardinas
    Jean Barbe
    Pierre Filion
    Noah Richler
    Raoul Boudreau
    Herménégilde Chiasson
    Viola Léger
    Marie-Linda Lord
    David Lonergan
    Daniel Castonguay
  • cast of character
    Viola Léger
    Luc Samuel LeBlanc
    André Roy
    Annette-Louise Brison
    Donat Lacroix
    Denise Bouchard
    Robert Gauvin
  • script consultant
    Suzanne Dussault
  • sound recording
    Georges Hannan
    Marie-France Delagrave
    Aram Kouyoumdjian
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • additional camera
    Alain Dupras
    Paul Mitcheltree
    Michel Caissie
    Ginette Pellerin
  • camera assistant
    Geneviève Thibert
    Charles Gagnon
  • helicopter operator
    Tim L'Espérance
  • production manager
    Christine Aubé
    Denise LeBlanc
  • reading
    Antonine Maillet
  • accessories
    Bernice Butler
    Andrea Buckle
  • animation
    Philippe Lanteigne
  • special effects
    Philippe Lanteigne
  • sound editor
    Mélanie Gauthier
  • original music
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • musician
    Frédéric Bednarz
    Marcin Swoboda
    Pemi Paull
    Jean-Christophe Lizotte
    Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau
    Jean-François Ouellet
    Martin Lizotte
    Robert Marcel Lepage
  • recording studio
    Studio 270
  • music re-recording
    Robert Langlois
    Benoit Durand-Jodoin
  • text recording
  • foley
    Lise Wedlock
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • re-recording
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • online editing
    Yannick Carrier
  • titles
    Philippe Lanteigne
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • credits
    Philippe Lanteigne
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • editing technical support
    Danielle Raymond
    Pierre Dupont
  • still photographer
    Gilles Landry
    François Vincelette
    Ginette Pellerin
  • marketing manager
    Julie Arseneault
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Karine Sévigny
  • administrator
    Geneviève Duguay
  • production assistant
    Colette Allain
  • technical coordinator
    Jean-François Laprise
    France Couture
  • interim producer
    Maryse Chapdelaine
  • producer
    Murielle Rioux-Poirier
    Pauline Bourque
    Ginette Pellerin
  • executive producer
    Jacques Turgeon



Ages 14 to 18

Arts Education - Drama
English Language Arts - Quebec Literature
History and Citizenship Education - Society in New France (1608-1760)
Languages - French as a Second Language

What evidence is there in the film that Antonine Maillet blends “stories, history and imagination” (3:00)? Students can research Acadian history and the Acadian/Quebecois relationship and compare it to Louisiana’s French history, for example. How do smaller communities maintain their culture and prevent assimilation (15:00)? How does Antonine Maillet come to terms with the common perspective on “feminine intelligence” (24:00)? Watch the final excerpt again. Why is The Possibilities Are Endless an appropriate subtitle for the film?

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