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The Annanacks (Inuktitut version)

The Annanacks (Inuktitut version)

| 29 min

This short documentary depicts the formation in 1959 of the first successful co-operative in an Inuit community in Northern Québec. The film describes how, with other Inuit of the George River community, the Annanacks formed a joint venture that included a sawmill, a fish-freezing plant and a small boat-building industry.

Please note that this is an archival film that makes use of the word “Eskimo,” an outdated and offensive term. While the origin of the word is a matter of some contention, it is no longer used in Canada. The term was formally rejected by the Inuit Circumpolar Council in 1980 and has subsequently not been in use at the NFB for decades. This film is therefore a time-capsule of a bygone era, presented in its original version. The NFB apologizes for the offence caused.


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Ages 13 to 14

Indigenous Studies - History/Politics
Indigenous Studies - Identity/Society

Have students explore the immensely rich oral culture of the Inuit. Their way of life is extremely difficult to reproduce in southern regions, because of the more temperate climate, but it can be worthwhile to organize an activity outside, in the woods. For example, gather around a campfire and listen to storytellers, chosen among the students, as they tell folk tales based on the daily life of Canada’s Inuit. There are many easy-to-use websites dedicated to preserving the collective memory of the Inuit.

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