The Annanacks (Inuktitut version)

The Annanacks (Inuktitut version)

René Bonnière
| 29 min

This short documentary depicts the formation in 1959 of the first successful co-operative in an Inuit community in Northern Québec. The film describes how, with other Inuit of the George River community, the Annanacks formed a joint venture that included a sawmill, a fish-freezing plant and a small boat-building industry.

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  • participant
    George Annanack
    Stanley Annanack
  • translator
    George Koneac
  • writer
    Donald Snowden
  • commentator
    Lloyd Bochner
  • camera
    Stanley Brede
    Christopher Chapman
  • music
    Larry Crosley
  • sound editing
    John Knight
  • sound
    Tony Betts
    David Cochrane
  • producer
    René Bonnière
  • director
    René Bonnière