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Act of Dishonour

Act of Dishonour

| 1 h 30 min

Set in the northern region of Afghanistan, this feature drama tells the story of a young bride-to-be who strays from local customs after befriending an Afghan-Canadian translator. Part lament against injustice, part testament to the spirit of a people who have survived decades of war, this film is a compelling drama in which East and West, love and honour, modernity and custom clash with tragic consequences.

  • writer
    Nelofer Pazira
  • director
    Nelofer Pazira
  • producer
    Daniel Iron
    Anita Lee
    Mark Johnston
  • executive producer
    Silva Basmajian
  • cast
    Marina Golbahari
    Abdul Ghafar Qoutbyar
    Masood Serwary
    Nelofer Pazira
    Ali Hazara
    Ali Fazil
    Ben Campbell
    Greg Bryk
    Abdul Hamid Houzari
    Rajab Huseinov
    Najib Wardak
    Waris Sultani
    Mehri Qurbonkhonova
    Aaquila Ramazan
    Salman Ramazan
    Lila Mehrab
    Tayiba Ramazan
    Ebloev Mehrojiddin
    Ahmad Javod
    Sherali Safarov
    Amir Shahmirzoev
    Nazarof Bobojon
    Bahrom Mirzorahim
    Ahmad Noveed
    Ilija Todorovic
    Mark Johnston
    Ilesov Shomiddin
    Khudoerov Qiem
    Komil Mahmadiev
    Siroj Mahmadiev
    Dustov Abdullo
    Mirzoev Jovidon
    Odinaev Saymuhiddin
    Mirzoev Ma'ruf
    Siddiq Barmak
  • director of photography
    Paul Sarossy
  • editor
    Christopher Donaldson
  • art director
    Fakhruddin Maqsood Ayam
  • music
    Christopher Dedrick
  • associate producer
    Amanda Handy
  • casting director
    Zubair Farghand
  • production manager
    Andrew Cullen
  • 1st assistant director
    David Antoniuk
  • unit manager
    Najib Nardak
  • assistant production manager
    Bakhtiyor Kakharov
    Allovuddin Abdullaev
  • production coordinator
    Laurie Fridman
    Christine Kleckner
  • technical coordinator
    Marcus Matyas
  • 2nd assistant director
    Ali Hazara
  • 1st assistant camera
    Cylvan Desrouleaux
  • 2nd assistant camera
    Darren Spriet
  • sound recordist
    Robert Fletcher
  • mixer
    Robert Fletcher
  • boom operator
    Bahrom Haydarov
    Rustom Mailov
  • gaffer
    Scott Tremblay
  • key grip
    Scott Tremblay
  • dolly grip
    Zainullabeddin Fanee
  • grip
    Mizrob Malikov
  • electrical
    Asad Kamolov
  • dialogue coach
    Rajab Huseinov
  • script supervisor
    Muhaiyo Mozimora
  • sets
    Muhamed Dustov
  • props
    Muhamed Dustov
  • hair
    Lilya Sorokopood
  • makeup
    Lilya Sorokopood
  • production assistant
    Azalshah Bakhtibekov
    Ajuki Ike
    Annelies McConnachi-Howarth
  • catering
  • behind the scenes camera
    Yousuf Jannesar
  • still photographer
    Ali Hazara
    Yousuf Jannesar
    Zainullabeddin Fanee
  • driver
    Amir Shahmirzoev
    Narzullah Davlatov
    Ilhom Qosimov
    Hamroh Usmonov
    Abdusalim Halimov
    Bahrom Haydarov
    Sangali Zabirov
  • business affairs
    Shana Collier
  • centre administrator
    Josiah Rothenberg
  • production accountant
    Laurie Fridman
  • assistant to the director
    Kim Cole
  • 2nd unit production manager
    Najib Wardak
  • 2nd unit cinematographer
    Sayed Waqif Housaini
  • 2nd unit assistant cinematographer
    Sayed Moujood Housaini
  • 2nd unit sound recordist
    Haidar Ahmadi
  • 2nd unit production assistant
    Fahim Rafiq
  • 2nd unit driver
  • post-production supervisor
    Mark Wilson
  • digital intermediate colourist
    Mila Patriki
  • digital intermediate producer
    Peter Armstrong
  • digital intermediate project manager
    Lee Hughes
  • digital intermediate editor
    Pietro Gallo
  • digital intermediate assistant
    Dave Muscat
    Cam McLauchlin
    Eric Myles
  • scan
    Nick Paulozza
  • record supervisor
    Nick Paulozza
  • scanning
    Tom Mayclim
    Trevor Pickard
  • recording
    Tom Mayclim
    Trevor Pickard
  • dust busting
    Alison Schouten
    Meghan Werner
    Rob MacDonald
    Kyle Workman
  • sound supervisor
    Jane Tattersall
  • dialogue editor
    Jean Bot
  • sound effects editor
    Kathy Choi
  • sound assistant
    Graham Rogers
  • re-recording mixer
    Lou Solakofski
    Kirk Lynds
  • mix assistant
    Mandy Ley
    Joe Morrow
  • foley artist
    Virginia Storey
  • foley recordist
    Steve Copley
  • foley editor
    Kathy Choi
  • additional sound technician - recordist
    Haidar Ahmadi
    Rafi Behroozian
  • additional loop group
    Jamiel Ghanizada
    Zubair Farghand
    Jamiel Rezahi
    Sayed Waqif
    Robaba Ahmadi
    Faiz Mohammad
    Nadia Rona
    Homayoun Paieez


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Ages 14 to 18

Civics/Citizenship - Human Rights
Diversity - Diversity in Communities
Geography - Human Geography
Social Studies - Development/Global Issues

The turning point in Act of Dishonour begins when Mejgan convinces Mena to come with her to the movie set (54:00) and ends with the scene of the setting sun (60:40), a visual metaphor for the ending of a chapter. This sequence reinforces the media literacy concept that media (in his case, the film being shot within the film) represents only one version of reality (daily life in Afghanistan). How do we, as consumers, define our own lives through film?

Act of Dishonour
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