2000 mm

2000 mm

| 7 min

Ready or not, society is in a process of redefinition. What goes through people’s minds in a situation like a toilet paper shortage? The term COVID-19 stands for something invisible, stoking fears strong enough to cause stock markets to melt like snow in springtime. As filmmaker Georges Hannan’s 91-year-old mother puts it, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” It has prompted him to embark on a gradual reflection over time, in a part of the world like any other: Atlantic Canada. Call it a fishing expedition with camera and microphone, into the unknown.

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2000 mm, Georges Hannan, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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    Victor Paulin
    Guy Fafard
    Claire Johnson
    Jacques Breau
    Emery Breau
    Elouise Breau
    Thomas Breau
    Rita Auffrey
    Frédérique Paulin
  • director
    Georges Hannan
  • writer
    Georges Hannan
  • producer
    Christine Aubé
  • editor
    Julien Cadieux
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    Georges Hannan
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    Georges Hannan
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    Dennis Morton
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    Dennis Morton
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