World-renowned Oscar winners, Oscar nominees and classics.
  • Film

    Cry of the Wild

    Moments in wildlife never before seen on film
    Filmed over 3 years in the Northwest Territories, B.C., the High Arctic and Quebec, this feature-length Bill Mason doc is the definitive tribute to that fascinating inhabitant of the Canadian wilderness, the wolf.
  • Film

    The Musical Ride

    A brilliant display of horsemanship
    Watch scarlet-coated Mounties as they take their horses through the many intricate patterns of the Ride, performed to the accompaniment of band music.
  • Film

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Leonard Cohen

    A portrait of the artist as a young man
    Tag along a 30-year-old Leonard Cohen as he enjoys a visit to his hometown of Montreal where he reads his poetry, strolls the streets, relaxes in a 3-dollar-a-night hotel room, and even takes a bath.