Magical Caresses

Magical Caresses

Magical Caresses is a series of animated documentaries by Lori Malépart-Traversy, creator of the popular short film Le clitoris. A skillful blend of humour and confession, these four-minute episodes provide a range of female perspectives, taking a healthy and uninhibited approach to demystifying masturbation. The films’ source material is adapted from intimate accounts published in the Caresses magiques book series written and edited by Sarah Gagnon-Piché and Sara Hébert. Using the tremendous creative freedom afforded by animation, Malépart-Traversy tells these stories from a new angle, crafting a bold and insightful original series about solo sexuality.

  • Magical Caresses | Masturbation: A Short Story of a Great Taboo

    History as it was never taught in school. This animated short looks back at the surprising story of our relationship with masturbation—and its repression—from prehistory to today.

  • Magical Caresses | Turquoise Fish

    A young woman recalls a kooky ritual involving masturbation that she’d invented as a child. A candid and introspective short film about forgetting the outside world and abandoning oneself to pleasure (and fish).

  • Magical Caresses | Big bang

    This animated short film recounts a 23-year-old woman’s quest to achieve her first orgasm. Along the way, it takes a sensitive and humorous look at the little-known phenomenon of vaginismus. The result is a captivating tale of exploration, discovery and dildos.

  • Magical Caresses | Sweet Jesus

    What happens when masturbation has its “come to Jesus” moment? This animated short takes a light and humorous approach to examining religion’s moral taboos around the female body and desires. A story full of kindness and questioning, in which good and evil intermingle with prayer and caresses.

  • Magical Caresses | Playhouse

    How does porn fuel sexual fantasies? For some, the most powerful images are those that flirt with completely unfamiliar situations. This animated short with a magic touch relates one woman’s confessions about her favourite erotic scenarios.