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Ludovic Series (Ages 5-8)

Ludovic Series (Ages 5-8)

This series of films developed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Co Hoedeman focuses on light-hearted animation for toddlers that emphasizes the power of the imagination. A perfect introduction to fantasy, friendship, and family.

Pour visionner cette sélection en français, cliquez ici.

Films in This Playlist Include
Ludovic – Cuckoo!
Ludovic – Going Going
Ludovic – Twas a Duck and Stormy Night
Ludovic – Let it Snow
Ludovic – The Sleepover
Ludovic – Zoom
Ludovic – The Perfect Gift
Ludovic – Lost and Found
Ludovic – A Muddy Mess
Ludovic – Sneeze or Swim
Ludovic – A Duck in Need
Ludovic – Monster Hunters
Ludovic – What’s in the Box?
Ludovic – Copycat Bear
Ludovic – Star Light, Star Bright
Ludovic – Ludovic, The Picky Eater
Ludovic – Naptime
Ludovic – Up in Arms
Ludovic – The Pig Came Back
Ludovic – Rubber Ducky, You’re the One!
Ludovic – A Special Treat
Ludovic – On the Move
Ludovic – A Real Treasure
Ludovic – Try, Try Again
Ludovic – The Winner Takes All
Ludovic – Fix-It Bears

  • Ludovic - Cuckoo!

    Louie is repairing the cuckoo clock in his workshop, assisted by Ludovic & Walla. Ludovic imagines that the cuckoo is not singing/functioning because it's sick. Or hungry. Or Tired. Or maybe it has simply lost its voice. With his cousin Violet, Ludovic tries to make it sing again, but the cuckoo flies away and now they have to catch it before Louie finds out they have been playing with it!

  • Ludovic Series - Going Going

    When Ludovic finds out that he won’t be going to the circus after all, he decides that he’s going to go anyway. As he gathers his favorite toys to take with him, they show him that they don’t want to go. Ludovic then realizes that, deep down, he doesn’t really want to go either. He and Walla create their own circus with the toys and have a great time.

  • Ludovic - Twas a duck and Stormy Night

    With a raging storm outside a frightened Ludovic is having a hard time falling asleep. Even Walla is scared and left his duck house to join Ludovic in his bed. They take the flashlight to not be so scared, but find that the flashlight is scared too. In trying to make Flashlight feel better, Ludovic stops being scared and they put on a great shadow puppet show.

  • Ludovic - Let it Snow
    2008|12 min

    It’s a nice winter day outside, and Ludovic and George are busy making snowbears. But George end up making a snowdragon. When their two snow creatures come to life, a nice game of red light-green light is great fun, until it’s a run to avoid the snowball blowing off of the snowdragon’s nose!

  • Ludovic - The Sleepover

    Ludovic is very excited, since Violet is coming to his house to spend the night. He has so many fun things planned, but soon Violet starts missing her parents and gets sad. And then where is the handkerchief her mother gave her before she left? Will Ludovic, Violet and the magnifying glass be able to solve this mysterious disappearance?

  • Ludovic - Zoom

    Finally, Ludovic and his dad will finish building his racecar today! But an emergency repair means Dad won’t have time for the racecar. Ludovic decides to finish it on his own. But when George and Violet come by and see what he’s doing, they want to make racecars too. Now it’s a race to see who will finish first, and they don’t take the time to do the work properly. And then they race to see whose racecar is the fastest. But will all of this racing lead to a disastrous crash? In the end, they string the remnants of the racecars and make a nice train. Tchoo-tchoo!

  • Ludovic - The Perfect Gift

    Ludovic is getting ready for his mother’s surprise birthday party. But while playing around, he breaks the gift he made for her. Now he has to come up with a new gift before she gets home. With Walla, and a couple of volunteer empty bottles, they manage to create a gift especially tailored to their favourite music lover mother bear.

  • Ludovic - Lost and Found

    While Ludovic plays marbles with George, he accuses George of taking his favorite marble (which he did). And then when he receives an origami penguin in the mail from his grandfather and it goes missing shortly afterwards, Ludovic accuses George of taking it. George didn’t take it, but it’s hard to convince Ludovic otherwise. Will George be able to convince Ludovic he didn’t do it and will they ever find that penguin with the help of 3 other origami penguins that Ludovic has in his room?

  • Ludovic - A Muddy Mess

    Dad has just cleaned the floors and warns the muddy Ludovic and Walla not to go inside. But Walla can’t resist the temptation of a bowl of seeds that he sees on the kitchen counter. So he sneaks inside and makes a muddy mess. It’s up to Ludovic and a playful bucket, scrub brush and rag to clean up before his Dad finds out.

  • Ludovic - Sneeze or Swim
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic is really looking forward to going swimming at the local pool with Violet. But when she shows up with a cold, swimming is cancelled. Although he is disappointed, he realizes that Violet is having a worse time because she’s sick. So he creates for her in his room an imaginary seaside with his furniture and toys.

  • Ludovic - a duck in need

    While playing tag with Walla, Violet and George, Ludovic bumps into Walla and causes him to sprain his ankle. Feeling guilty, Ludovic does whatever he can to make Walla feel better. But Walla overdoes it and won’t even let Ludovic play with his friends. When Ludovic finds out that Walla’s ankle isn’t hurting him any more, he has him reveal himself with the help of a lasso and a hobby horse.

  • Ludovic - Monsters Hunters

    After George and Ludovic look at a book of scary pictures, they hear an even scarier noise coming from outside. Their imaginations get the better of them and they think there’s a monster out there ready to attack Louie in the workshop. They bravely set out with some toys to save Louie. But won’t they be surprised when they see what’s actually making the noise.

  • Ludovic - What's in the Box?
    2008|12 min

    It’s not such a good day for Ludovic. He felt out of his bed, burnt himself with his oatmeal, made all of his mother’s music sheets fall onto the floor… In the meantime, a big gift box arrived from his grandfather. What could it be? A soccer ball? A piggy bank? Ludovic can’t open it, since his father wants to wait until his mother comes back from the store. And Ludovic doesn’t want to get into anymore trouble! That doesn’t help when the box decides to play hide and seek…

  • Ludovic - Copycat Bear

    Ludovic and George are playing soccer, but when Violet wants to join the game, they tell her she can’t play. Violet then starts repeating everything they say, and becomes very annoying. They make a plan to get rid of her, by playing follow the leader, with a leader doing very hard things to do for such a young cub. But then Ludovic, George and Violet get carried away in the game, having a great deal of fun!

  • Ludovic - Star Light, Star Bright

    Ludovic is so excited: he and his Dad are going to camp out in the yard tonight! But as the sun sets and the wind whistles and the leaves rustle, Ludovic gets increasingly scared. And so do the stuffed animals he brought outside with him. Will he be able to stick it out or will he just have to gaze at the stars through his bedroom window?

  • Ludovic - Ludovic, the Picky Eater
    2008|12 min

    When Ludovic is faced eating a new food, brussel sprouts, he turns up his nose and refuses. The brussel sprouts in turn are offended that he doesn’t want to eat them and do everything they can to get away from him. But Ludovic is risking having George leave before getting to play with him. Now Ludovic is the one wanting to eat the brussel sprouts - if only he could get them to come back…

  • Ludovic - Naptime
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic is looking forward to play soccer, but he has to wait after his dad’s nap to kick the ball. Being quiet is not an easy task for a little cub, especially when his toys are being undisciplined and are running around, making a lot of noise. Walla tries to help, and they both try to coral the toys into Ludovic’s bedroom. They finally manage to stay quiet enough until Dad wakes up, but now Ludovic is too tired… even to play soccer!

  • Ludovic - Up In Arms
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic and Walla are playing firefighters when he accidentally rips off the arm from Violet’s doll, Lili. He is desperate to get the arm back on before anyone finds out. But will Lili stop playing long enough to let him put the arm back on?

  • Ludovic - The Pig Came Back
    2008|12 min

    George thinks Ludovic’s toy, Mr. Piggy, is too much of a baby toy. Ludovic doesn’t want George to think he’s a baby, so he tries to put him away. But when Mr Piggy makes a heroic gesture, George changes his mind and is willing to play with him, resulting in a happy Ludovic, who now defends one of his favourite toys.

  • Ludovic - Rubber Ducky, You're the One!
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic often borrows Walla’s favourite toy, Rubber Ducky, without any problem. However, last night, when Ludovic took his bath, he did not bring it back, and now, it’s considered lost. Walla is very upset and doesn’t want to be friends with Ludovic anymore. Walla even goes as far as hiding Ludovic’s favorite toy, Mr. Robot. Ludovic is on the verge of tears. Where is Rubber Ducky? Will his friend Walla forgive him?

  • Ludovic - A Special Treat
    2008|12 min

    It’s Walla’s birthday and Ludovic wants to prepare a nice surprise for him. But all of the secret preparations make it that Ludovic doesn’t have any time to play with Walla which makes Walla upset. By doing so, he’s not playing with Walla, and leave him all alone outside while he prepare some great treats and creates a new pillow with Violet and his mom. But Walla spends so much time all alone that he thinks that Ludovic and the whole family are turning their backs at him. He is devastated, and decides to leave the house. Luckily, Ludovic’s dad catches him before he goes too far!

  • Ludovic - On The Move
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic is hearing his parents talking about moving out of the house to go to a house in the mountains… without Walla! How horrible! He tries to make Walla act as charming and lovely as possible, so his parents won’t leave this precious duck behind. Could he simply hide Walla somewhere in Ludovic’s backpack? Or teaching Walla to fly, so he could stay in a tree nearby this new house? It turns out that the house in the mountain is only rented for the vacation and Walla is set to have a holiday in Ludovic’s grand-father lovely pond, phew!

  • Ludovic - A Real Treasure
    2008|12 min

    While planting a peach pit, Ludovic and Violet find a mysterious medallion in the garden. Louie says it might be a treasure and they can clean it up once he’s finished his work. Ludovic is very excited and puts it in the house for safekeeping. Violet and her doll Lili end up playing with it which makes Ludovic upset. The medallion and Lili take off on a joy ride and ends up breaking. It wasn’t a treasure after all, but it’s still pretty. Louie glues it back together and they hang it in the window for the sunlight to catch its pretty colours.

  • Ludovic - Try, Try Again
    2008|12 min

    George is really good at sliding on the patch of ice in Ludovic’s yard. But Ludovic is having a hard time trying to do a simple move. Frustrated, he gives up and goes to play with Walla who is equally frustrated trying to build a snowduck out a couple of snowballs. The snowballs scamper away and they try to catch them. Ludovic sees George and Violet having so much fun on the ice, so he follows his father’s advice to try, try again and with confidence he manages a simple move and then some.

  • Ludovic - The Winner Takes All
    2008|12 min

    George won a trophy at the fair and he is showing it off to Ludovic. Ludovic would like to hold it, to see what it feels like, but George is being stingy with it. Ludovic creates all sorts of competitions with the goal of holding that trophy. Even though he wins one, George won’t let him hold it for more than a second. So Ludovic goes and gets his father’s pumpkin trophy. George’s trophy runs off with the pumpkin trophy. George is upset because he thinks Ludovic took his trophy and Ludovic is worried he has lost his father’s trophy and will get in trouble.

  • Ludovic - Fix-it Bears
    2008|12 min

    Ludovic and George are pretending to be repair cubs and are fixing everything they can. But when they go into the workshop, George inadvertently breaks a sailboat that Louie was fixing. The cubs now have to figure out how to fix it before Louie finds out or they will lose his confidence. With the help of a creature that they previously created out of broken toy parts, they manage to fix the sailboat just in time. Phew. It isn’t that easy being a repair cub after all.