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Sexual Health Education (Ages 9-11)

Sexual Health Education (Ages 9-11)

This playlist deals with sexuality, body image, and identity in a way that is accessible to adolescents. These are great conversation starters on relationships, sexual stereotypes, and puberty.

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Films in This Playlist Include
Little Big Girls
Feeling Yes, Feeling No
Kali the Little Vampire
Staying Real: Teens Confront Sexual Stereotypes

  • Little Big Girls
    2014|52 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image In this feature documentary, director Hélène Choquette sheds light on the phenomenon of early-onset puberty in girls. Today, it isn't unusual to see the earliest signs of puberty in girls younger than the age of 9, though this was not the case a few decades ago. A number of causes are suspected: could obesity and exposure to environmental contaminants, for instance, be to blame? The physical, psychological and psychosocial repercussions on young girls results in a disconnect between their physical and emotional maturity. Far from being a marginal issue, early-onset puberty is fast becoming a worldwide public health concern. Little Big Girls alerts us to the need to adapt, as a society, so as to minimize the impact of this phenomenon on our children. Click here for the study guide.

  • Feeling Yes, Feeling No
    1984|43 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Sexual Assault Feeling Yes, Feeling No is a sexual-assault prevention program for young children. The purpose is to give children the skills to protect themselves from sexual assault--from strangers, from family members, from other trusted persons. Part 1 teaches children basic skills that build self-worth, self-confidence and good judgment. Part 2 reinforces the understanding of 'Yes' feelings and 'No' feelings and introduces skills to keep children assess potentially dangerous situations involving strangers. Part 3 introduces the issue of sexual assault by a trusted adult.

  • Kali the Little Vampire
    campus 2012 | 9 min
    Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms This animated short tells the story of Kali, a young vampire who suffers from not being able to live in the light. Living in the shadows and inspiring fear, he lives envious of other children who don’t even dream that he exists. One day, while once again watching young boys play beside the train tracks, he breaks from his isolation and discovers that because of who—and what—he is, he can make a difference in others’ lives.
  • Staying Real - Teens Confront Sexual Stereotypes
    campus 2010 | 24 min
    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms A documentary geared to 11 to 13-year-olds in which preteens and teens discuss the adverse effects of the sexual stereotypes they're bombarded with. They talk about how hard it is to develop their own personality and make friends when they don’t conform to media and advertising images. Click here for the study guide.
  • Flawed
    2010|12 min

    Sexual Growth and Body Image + Identity, Gender Stereotypes and Roles, and Social Norms Flawed is nothing less than a beautiful gift from Andrea Dorfman's vivid imagination, a charming little film about very big ideas. Dorfman has the uncanny ability to transform the intensely personal into the wisely universal. She deftly traces her encounter with a potential romantic partner, questioning her attraction and the uneasy possibility of love. But, ultimately, Flawed is less about whether girl can get along with boy than whether girl can accept herself, imperfections and all. Click here for the study guide.

  • Nadine
    2017|4 min

    Emotional and Romantic Life From out of nowhere, the most beautiful girl in the world sits at the table across from me at the library. Is this a stroke of good luck or bad? Her smile paralyzes me… How will Sam win Nadine’s heart? Must he seek out his inner samurai to fight the monster of his anxiety? Real courage is conquering your fear.