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Exploring Media Literacy for Primary Students (Ages 5-8)

Exploring Media Literacy for Primary Students (Ages 5-8)

Media literacy resources are often under represented for primary schools. This playlist is geared toward young students and will help them explore media literacy concepts and communication through visuals and audio!

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Films in This Playlist Include
Sense of Touch
Sequence and Story
Live TV
Invasion of the Space Lobsters
Great List of Everything - The Stamp

  • A Sense of Touch
    1983|6 min

    The evocative images in this film stimulate associations between visual and tactile information. Vivid close-ups of sensuous activities such as licking a popsicle, stroking a beard and walking barefoot in the grass encourage the viewer to explore the tactile properties of objects using different parts of the body. The sound track consists of music without words, which provides pacing and highlights the nature of different sensory experiences.

  • Invasion of the Space Lobsters
    2005|6 min

    When an advanced race of giant lobsters from outer space land on Earth, no one can figure out why they've come. A complete failure to communicate on both ends leads to panic and pandemonium. Why are they here? What do they want? In this clever throwback to the ‘50s B-movie, a small neighbourhood learns the value of clear communication.

  • Live TV
    1996|21 min

    This short live-action comedy satirizing TV's violent ways tells the story of 4 children who go searching for their school’s 2 missing turtles. In this task, the children are assisted by a television set that morphs to life as a goofy action superhero. As the search progresses, the children discover that TV solutions and real-life solutions don't always mix. When the kids take charge and use their own wits, the turtle mystery is solved in a jiffy.

  • The Stamp

    Iris wants to send her grandfather a birthday card. Touching, right? But Cathon doesn't want her friend to raid her collection looking for a stamp. Did someone really once pay $9.5 million for a single stamp?

  • Sequence and Story
    1983|5 min

    In this film a group of children manipulates reality using a series of photographs of their own activities. As they lay out the photos in different sequences, the story of their day changes. Simple, realistic dialogue and a combination of live action and still photographs capture the viewer's imagination.