Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

| 22 min
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The sexual exploitation and recruitment of teens into the sex trade is a reality in our suburbs today. This graphic drama is a tool for teachers, counsellors and youth groups wanting to explore and address this issue.

Jodie is a teenager bored with life, her family, her school and even her friends... until she meets Silas. With a new car, pockets full of cash and all the right lines, he's everything Jodie ever dreamed off. But Silas is no ordinary boyfriend. He's a pimp.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night? illustrates how sex trade recruiters lure teens away from friends and family, gain their trust, then force them into an often violent life on the streets - sometimes in only 24 devastating hours. Viewer discretion is advised. Previewing recommended.

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  • cast
    Allie Mickelson
    Todd Thompson
    R.J. Fraser
    Michael Nyuis
    Brett Wise
    Sandra Williams
    Eby Luking
    Lisa Marie Caruk
    Suzanne Bonneville
    Jaime Kain
    Jessica Lucas
    Caitlin Padgett
  • director
    Cliff Skelton
  • writer
    Susan Musgrave
    Cliff Skelton
  • producer
    George Johnson
  • cinematographer
    Robert Aschmann
  • editor
    Cliff Skelton
  • composer
    Bob Smart
  • consultant
    Caitlin Padgett
  • script
    Koraleen Jarvis
  • sound mixer
    Brett Sworder
  • production designer
    William MacDonald
  • set decorator
    Tanya Nargang
  • wardrobe
    Tania Sacchetti
  • makeup
    Carol Ann Ransaw
  • re-recording engineer
    Craig Zarazun
  • executive producer
    Svend-Erik Eriksen