Weather Report

Weather Report

| 52 min

For many people, global warming is something happening somewhere else to somebody else, but for millions, it is right at their doorstep. This film journeys across the globe, from the Canadian Arctic to northern Kenya, from the U.S. Midwest to China and India, visiting communities where lives and livelihoods are being affected in dramatic ways.

Putting a face to the reality of global warming illuminates the impact of recent climate change, delivering a new perspective to audiences worldwide. The question is no longer whether climate change is happening, but whether we can respond to the emergency before it's too late.

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Weather Report, Brenda Longfellow, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    Brenda Longfellow
  • producer
    Jennifer Kawaja
    Brenda Longfellow
    Julia Sereny
    Gerry Flahive
  • director of photography
    Christopher Romeike
  • editor
    Carole Larsen
    Glen Richards
    Boyd Bonitzke
  • original music
    Philip Strong
    Laurel MacDonald
  • line producer
    Andrea Glinski
  • production manager
    Andrea Glinski
    Lorraine Ward
  • location sound
    Peter Sawade
  • production supervisor
    Noah Weinzweig
  • additional camera
    Wu Qiao
    Pat Blackard
    Judy Lieff
    Gregory Bennett
    Andrew Watt
    Simon Bujold
    Subrato Sengupta
    Edwin Thiongo
  • additional sound
    Sanjay Mehta
    Matt Bacon
    Marco Fania
    Igal Petel
    Matthew Geldof
    P. Hari Kumar
    David Jalenga
  • head archival researcher
    Anita Turcotte
  • local liaison
    Sim Akpalialuk
    Charlotte De Wolff
    Richard Liu
    Noah Weinzweig
    Michael Kaloki
    Mohamud Sheikh Adan
    Pradip Acharya
    Manjit Singh
    Ramchandra Pn
    Jackie wetherill
  • 1st assistant director
    Glen Richards
  • additional editing
    Roland Schlimme
  • post-production supervisor
    Gregor Hutchinson
    Lynda McKenzie
  • accounting
    Nora Simmons
  • sound design
    Steve Munro
  • dialogue editor
    Dave Taylor
  • online editor
    Paul Hili
    Kerri Locke
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • executive producer
    Silva Basmajian
  • production associate
    Elise Cousineau
  • development associate
    Elise Cousineau
  • assistant to the producer
    Kari Fairweather
  • bookkeeper
    Ursula Easton
  • narration writer
    Brenda Longfellow
    John Kramer
  • narrator
    Brenda Longfellow
  • editorial consultant
    John Kramer
  • narration consultant
    Michael Ostroff
  • research
    Ian MacRae
    David McIntosh
    Caroline Nath
    Karen Pickles
    Virginia Heffernan
    Ramchandra Pn
    Tim Leduc
    Janet Torge
  • story consultant
    David Vainola
    David McIntosh
  • production consultant
    Arlene Singh
  • additional archival research
    Judy Ruzylo
    Helena Raposo
    Monica Penner
  • camera assistant
    David Jalenga
    Subhasish Dam
    Steve Taylor
  • additional sound editing
    Paul Shikata
  • sound assistant
    Alex Unger
  • assistant editor
    Matthew Lochner
    Chris Wiseman
  • additional music
    Isa Suarez
  • location translator
    Solomon Awa
    Mohamud Sheikh Adan
    Ramchandra Pn
    Richard Liu
  • translation
    Luo Li
    Rhoda Kayakjuak
    Kerow Adan Huka
    Geetanjali Dagar
  • transcription
    Angela Cassiram
  • video post production services
    The Fearless Film & Video Corporation
  • audio post production
    Trackworks Inc.
  • camera & equipment
    Sim Video
  • graphics
    Mark Alberts
  • legal counsel
    Tony Duarte
    Brenda Blake
  • energy offset
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