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For many people, global warming is something happening somewhere else to somebody else, but for millions, it is right at their doorstep. This film journeys across the globe, from the Canadian Arctic to northern Kenya, from the U.S. Midwest to China and India, visiting communities where lives and livelihoods are being affected in dramatic ways.

Putting a face to the reality of global warming illuminates the impact of recent climate change, delivering a new perspective to audiences worldwide. The question is no longer whether climate change is happening, but whether we can respond to the emergency before it's too late.

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Brenda Longfellow
Jennifer Kawaja
Brenda Longfellow
Julia Sereny
Gerry Flahive
director of photography
Christopher Romeike
Carole Larsen
Glen Richards
Boyd Bonitzke
original music
Philip Strong
Laurel MacDonald
location sound
Peter Sawade
head archival researcher
Anita Turcotte
sound design
Steve Munro
executive producer
Silva Basmajian
Brenda Longfellow
Ian MacRae
David McIntosh
Caroline Nath
Karen Pickles
Virginia Heffernan
Ramchandra Pn
Tim Leduc
Janet Torge
Mark Alberts


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