Animator Ryan Larkin uses an artist's sensibility to illustrate the way people walk. He employs a variety of techniques--line drawing, colour wash, etc.--to catch and reproduce the motion of people afoot. The springing gait of youth, the mincing step of the high-heeled female, the doddering amble of the elderly--all are registered with humour and individuality, to the accompaniment of special sound. Without words.

From the playlist : The 1960s: An Explosion of Creativity

Walking would earn Ryan Larkin an OscarĀ® nomination in the category of short animated film. Using a variety of techniques, Larkin transformed the ordinary action of people walking into a study of the beauty of the human body.

— Albert Ohayon

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Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
Ryan Larkin
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  • Scarletpimpernel76

    “Very Nice...” — Scarletpimpernel76, 5 Nov 2013

  • nikkity

    “Breathtaking. Wit and whimsy and artistry all rolled up into a visual delight.” — nikkity, 1 Feb 2012

  • willychyr

    “What a beautiful film. I must have watched this piece at least 50 times by now, and I still find it mesmerizing. The movements are so liberating, and I love the way the colours shift from frame to frame. ” — willychyr, 27 Dec 2010

  • Edward Westerhuis

    “My favorite one is at 3:15 where the woman runs across the screen, left to right. It's as if the paint splatters on each forceful step and doesn't reach her backside. I don't know how else to explain it.” — Edward Westerhuis, 16 Feb 2010

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