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Twice upon a Time

Twice upon a Time

| 10 min

This short satirical film takes us to Stereoville, a city where citizens must literally double up in their efforts to deal with the community’s 2 official languages. In Stereoville, each speaker of one language is tied to a speaker of the other, back-to-back. Into this two-stepping society stumbles a character whose very existence causes considerable consternation among locals: an unattached individual with command of both languages.

  • director
    Giles Walker
  • producer
    Roman Kroitor
    Stefan Wodoslawsky
  • writer
    Peter Bierman
  • camera
    Savas Kalogeras
  • sound
    Jacques Drouin
  • editing
    David Wilson
  • sound editing
    Bill Graziadei
  • cast
    Michel Choquette
    Jeannette Casenave
    Wayne Robson
    Basil Fitzgibbon
    Évelyn Régimbald
    Jean Archambault
    Camille Ducharme
    Graham Batchelor
    Jacques Lavallée
    Valda Dalton
    Madeleine Sicotte


Twice upon a Time
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