The Masculine Mystique

The Masculine Mystique


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This feature-length drama explores the changing role of men in today's society by delving into the stories of 4 men and their relationships with women. Blue, in his mid-30s, has spent his adult years searching for the right woman, without any luck. Alex, the same age as Blue, married with two small children, says he needs his freedom. He's having an affair. Mort and Ashley are both in their 40s, divorced with children. Mort has found someone new but she balks at a permanent relationship. Ashley, devastated by his divorce, is unwilling to risk a new commitment.

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The Masculine Mystique, John N. Smith & Giles Walker, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    John N. Smith
    Giles Walker
  • producer
    John N. Smith
    Giles Walker
  • executive producer
    Robert Verrall
    Andy Thomson
  • script
    John N. Smith
    Giles Walker
    David Wilson
  • photography
    Andy Kitzanuk
  • sound
    Jean-Guy Normandin
  • editing
    David Wilson
  • sound editing
    John Knight
  • re-recording
    Hans Peter Strobl
  • music
    Richard Gresko
  • cast
    Char Davies
    Felice Grana
    Sam Grana
    Stefanie Grana
    Eleanor MacKinnon
    Ashley Murray
    Chaya Ransen
    Mort Ransen
    Stefan Wodoslawsky
    Annebet Zwartsenberg
    Guillaume Murray
    Maïté Murray
    Joshua Ransen
    Yoshi Ransen

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