The Followers

Filmed mainly at the Montréal community of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, this feature documentary follows 3 young from their first days in the temple to their initiation 6 months later. The film examines the family life of Krishna members, the active proselytizing in the streets, the temple rituals, and the role of women and their reliance on men for spiritual guidance. A close look at one of the controversial new religious organizations to have emerged from the 1960s in the United States.

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Film Credits

Gilles Blais
Georges Dufaux
André-Luc Dupont
Roger Rochat
Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
Séraphin Bouchard
Jean Lépine
Serge Lafortune
Jean-Guy Normandin
Hughes Mignault
Jacques Drouin
Raymond Marcoux
Michel Charron
Yves Leduc
Nicole Chicoine
Jean-Pierre Joutel

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