The World of One in Five

The World of One in Five

| 27 min

A fifth of Canadians live at the subsistence level. This is a look at that world, where the street is home, and where poor shelter, poor food, poor schools and poor health are the only certainties of life. Children, old people, the sick and the drifters are caught in it. It is a world filmed throughout Canada so that people who are not part of it can see it, think about it, and maybe help to change it.

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The World of One in Five, James Carney, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  • director
    James Carney
  • producer
    Gordon Burwash
  • photography
    Eugene Boyko
    Richard Leiterman
    Martin Duckworth
  • sound
    Roger Hart
    Michel Hazel
    Hans Oomes
  • editing
    Jacques Bensimon
  • sound editing
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Les Halman
  • narrator
    Stanley Jackson