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Le temps des bûchers

Le temps des bûchers

| 56 min

Long métrage documentaire rendant hommage… aux sorcières. Celles d'hier, contre qui l'Église et l'État se sont acharnés, d'un commun accord; celles d'aujourd'hui, qui professent un retour à la connaissance de la déesse primitive, harmonie pacifique de toutes les formes de vie. Faisant suite à Sur les traces de la déesse, ce film constitue le deuxième volet d’une réflexion sur la spiritualité des femmes.

  • director
    Donna Read
  • producer
    Mary Armstrong
    Margaret Pettigrew
    Signe Johansson
  • executive producer
    Rina Fraticelli
    Kathleen Shannon
  • script
    Erna Buffie
  • camera
    Susan Trow
  • sound
    Diane Carrière
  • editing
    Judith Merritt
    Donna Read
  • sound editing
    Jackie Newell
  • music recording
    Jeff Wolpert
  • music editing
    Diane Le Floc'h
  • sound mixer
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Shelley Craig
    Hans Peter Strobl
  • narration
    Élise Guilbault
  • music
    Loreena McKennitt


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Ages 17 to 17

History and Citizenship Education - Culture and Currents of Thought (1500-present)
Social Studies - Social History

How were women’s roles different before the events in the film? Why does Christianity have such a negative effect on the freedom of women? How is feminism related to environmental awareness? Provide examples of cases throughout history where a group of people was persecuted and victimized (Holocaust, slavery, residential schools, etc). Compare and contrast these examples with the film.

Le temps des bûchers
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