A Step Towards the Arctic - Reflections and Visions of the North

In this feature documentary, Swiss citizen Yves Delaunay seeks to understand how the Inuit are coping with the mutation of the Arctic as it is caught in the violent sway of climate change. In Sachs Harbour, an Inuit village on the fringes of the Earth, he discovers a small community attached to its land, conscious of the importance of its traditions and culture, which struggles daily to face the challenges of modernity by way of carving out a place within it.

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Yves Delaunay
Lawrence Amos
Andy Carpenter
Nellie Cournoyea
Priscilla Haogak
Donna Keogak
John Keogak
John Jr. Lucas
Steven Lucas
Jean Malaurie
Mary Simon
Beverly Amos
Doreen Carpenter
Udloriak Hanson
Stephen Hendrie
Roger Kuptana
Kathleen Tagoona
Ashley Elanik
Cheyenne Gully
Dusty Gully
Christopher Haogak
Leigha Keogak
Jasmine Keogak
Ethan Hutchison
Albert Kolola
Meagan Kolola
Rosanne Lennie
Shelby Lucas
Anne-Marie Tougas
Anne-Marie Tougas
Isabelle de Blois
France Dubé
sound recording
Édouard Faribault
sound editing
François Maurice
Paul Hubert
Éric Lagacé
Danielle Bérard
sound design
Roger Guérin
Roger Guérin
Samuel Laflamme
narration text
Michèle Gagné
Andrée Martin
Dwight Smith
Anne-Marie Tougas
executive producer
Yves Delaunay


  • DerekStephenMcPhail

    “an insightful look into an Inuit community, that reminds us of the importance of coming to grips with the reality of climate change. the Arctic landscape and those "humble with regards to nature" elegantly communicate that the true foundation for human survival is in the transcendence of the unfettered worship of the bottom line. evolving a form of eco-socialism, that honours the first peoples' respect for nature and includes the wisdom of women and children, is humanity's true hope. ” — DerekStephenMcPhail, 13 Feb 2014

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