Le dominion de Seth - (Extrait)

Le dominion de Seth - (Extrait)

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This short documentary, part animation and part live action, is a portrait of Canadian cartoonist Seth, best known for his Palookaville comic books. Throughout his works, Seth transforms an poignant inner life into observant and witty graphic stories. Incredibly prolific, he produces semi-autobiographical comics, award-winning commercial work, as well as what he calls his “little hobbies.” Here, director Luc Chamberland sheds light on his articulate character, mixing insightful biography with vivid animation in an artful fusion of filmmaking techniques that perfectly captures Seth’s manifold creative universe.

Grand Prize for Best Animated Feature

Albert Ohayon
From the playlist: Ottawa International Animation Festival Award Winners

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  • Wommel

    if you're looking for a good docu, this isnt the thing for you. It's filled with animated stories from Seth that you likely already know. They look great, but its not why i bought this.

    Wommel, 4 Jan 2017
  • Janist

    I loved it! After reading Seth in the GnM on Jan30/16, I get it, I really do. Thx, Seth.

    Janist, 8 Feb 2016
  • Myhre

    john29 - Most of his comics aren't semi-autobiographical. It's clear that you've made up your mind knowing absolutely nothing about his work. If it's not to your taste, fine. If you wish to post a comment shouting your uninformed prejudices, job done. Thanks for contributing nothing of worth.

    Myhre, 16 Apr 2015
  • john29

    It seems as though Seth might spend more time on pressing his suits than he does on comics. Semi-autobiographical comics have certainly made the medium more precious, I guess...or suffocating.

    john29, 17 Feb 2015