This abstract animated film is a tribute to the unique and long-established art form of patchwork quilting. Using computer animation, digital drafting, and experimental design techniques, this mesmerizing film choreographs quilt motifs and designs and sets them to music.


Gayle Thomas
Gayle Thomas
Normand Roger
sound mixer
Jean Paul Vialard
Serge Boivin
Marcy Page
executive producer
Barrie Angus McLean


  • pegmac

    “Wonderful film. Great choice of music. Total delight to watch.” — pegmac, 10 Jul 2011

  • scrapqueen37

    “What a wonderful video. Not enough time to make all of these, but will try. Pinwheel variations were fun to watch. Definitely not swastikas. Though folks from one culture or another must see things that we do not always see. At least there were 6 pointed star variations to balance it off. I make Quilts of Valor for USA veterans and am always careful not to use rail fence or pinwheels in variations that would look like the swastika. I was delighted with the Grandmother's Fan variations. Thank you for your creativity. ” — scrapqueen37, 22 Apr 2011

  • dianam

    “about the NFB QUILT video containing a quilt with the swastika cross Patricia L. Cummings has researched some history of the block that caused distress to one of the commenters here That cross with the broken arms was a sewing/art design long before the Nazi party adopted it. That quilt has earlier history than the 1930's and 1940's The design has a history of 3000 years. To assign meaning to antique patterns without their history can cause unnecessary distress. © Copyright, May 1, 2009. Patricia L. Cummings, Quilter's Muse Publications, Concord, NH. All rights reserved. http://www.quiltersmuse.com/swastika-quilt-block.htm The other point is that some patterns are made in protest you will see them - in patterns like the Temperance "T" and like 54-40 or fight. ” — dianam, 12 Apr 2011

  • quiltmaker

    “Really, thepoopsmith, that's what you got out of this? A negative? Wow, you had to dig pretty deep to come up with that. This is really a nice piece. Totally enjoyed it. ALL positive thoughts came out as I watched it. Maybe you should try again.” — quiltmaker, 10 Apr 2011

  • thepoopsmith

    “Did anyone else notice the swastikas at the the beginning? Awful :(” — thepoopsmith, 7 Apr 2011

  • susanshaw45

    “This sweet video clearly demonstrates the roles that geometry and colour play iin quilt design. The music is a perfect match. Thanks!” — susanshaw45, 20 Mar 2011

  • Luv2quilt

    “I love this!!! It was so inspiring, and the music couldn't have been any better. I want to go start sewing this minute but spring has sprung and the yard it calling me. Maybe my quilt room will have me some tonight.” — Luv2quilt, 12 Mar 2011

  • loehndorf

    “From simplicity to complexity and back to simplicity. Lovely” — loehndorf, 10 Mar 2011

  • Alibartley

    “Very impressive and so clever, inspirational!!” — Alibartley, 8 Mar 2011

  • Alibartley

    “Very impressive and so clever, inspirational!!” — Alibartley, 8 Mar 2011

  • Victoriaquilt44

    “Wonderful film ! A delight !” — Victoriaquilt44, 1 Mar 2011

  • mathman

    “Looks like it was inspired by "Square Dance" a film board animation that I used teaching geometry concepts to 2nd grade students in the 70's. Delightful. I will recommend it to my elementary teacher friends.” — mathman, 26 Feb 2011

  • nevadagal

    “This was a great pick-me-up! Really enjoyed seeing so many favorite quilt patterns and love the music. Thanks bunches! nevadagal” — nevadagal, 26 Feb 2011

  • ksoleson

    “6 minutes and 37 seconds of pure delight. Absolutely the best eye candy for a quilter. I'm in the middle of teaching a intermediate quilting class and will forward this to them. Gotta get to a sewing machine NOW!” — ksoleson, 23 Feb 2011

  • jmatlin

    “@Elliechat - Can you send me a screenshot of the message you get? Thanks. (j.matlin@nfb.ca)” — jmatlin, 22 Feb 2011

  • OCDQuilter

    “Amazing! I will share this with a myriad of quilting friends. Merci!” — OCDQuilter, 22 Feb 2011

  • AnnC

    “I love this... quilting & Celtic music... it just doen't get better than that” — AnnC, 18 Feb 2011

  • elliechat

    “Film is unavailable to me. Why?” — elliechat, 18 Feb 2011

  • grizelda

    “amazing !! and SO inspiring! I will use this as a tool when designing quilts.” — grizelda, 17 Feb 2011

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